Smith College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I tend to brag mostly about my schools housing situation. At Smith we don’t live in Dorms; we live in House’s. Your house becomes your Home within a week, and your housemates become lifelong friends. At Smith you’re not just through into a huge school and pushed aside, instead your matched fairly well with your roommate and you go through several bonding sessions with the whole house to establish fundamental relations.


The beautiful campus, the food, the dorms.


My friends could hardly believe I would chose to go to a women only college. I was not that type of girl. I knew the moment I stepped on campus what I felt. It is an undescribable sense of empowerment. Here the women are not second to men, we are equals. Being a Smith College student makes you strong. You learn to believe in yourself. Smith embraces you with open arms and fosters even your littlest dreams until they become reality.


While its true that there are only women here, the variety of women is incredible. I never felt the absence of men because the women were up to such amazing things!


I tell my firends about the amazing classes I have and how smart the professors are. I love to brag about the housing on campus too.


The all-women environment was really nice for social interactions, because it allowed my friends and I to bond without worrying about dating or anything relating to men. It was also an excellent academic environemnt with extremely supportive faculty.


Outstanding education, intellectually invigorating environment, brilliant professors, beautiful campus, awesome housing and food, great city