Smith College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is creative in their way of thinking, open-minded, and devoted to their passions.


Every kind. The more diverse the better. The student should be original and not "joining the bandwagon".


A woman who doesn't mind going without men for a while, who dosen't need to stare at men in her philosphy 101 class because there will be no men to look at. A woman who has a love of cute towns with little cafes and small clothing stores. A woman who is interested in the liberal arts and likes to dabble in the sciences as well. A woman who isn't afraid of feeling powerful for the first time in her life. A woman who wants to be told the story of her gender.


Someone very grounded, who can organize their time wisely, and knows how to approach professors. Also someone who, obviously, doesn't mind being at a school with all women - it takes some time to adjust, so women who come here have to be pretty committed. Most women who come here express an interest in gender and politics.


An open minded person


Someone who is homosexual, or okay with being around homosexuals. Someone who is focused and smart and ready to learn.


Someone who is not afraid to take chances and make mistakes. someone who is tolerant and openminded, and who can discuss their ideas and be receptive to other's ideas


Anyone who is not interested in having a social life and doesn't mind a completely suburban, almost rural area. Someone who is completely focused only on academics and nothing else.


liberal, open-minded, looking for a challenge, someone who will take advantage of all the resources available at smith (study abroad, clubs, etc), including the less-obvious ones (funding, help from professors, the general northampton area)


The sort of person who is interested in developing herself. The sort of person who would like to do more and become more than the product of main stream society. The sort of perosn who is open minded or willing to become open minded.