South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The entire focus of the faculty is education. Every professor is constantly happy to help students understand the material, and are always ready to help with difficult homework problems. This atmosphere not only encourages learning, but enhances it.


Very helpful, good job placement.


The school is very focused on academics, which is great because after all, that is waht I am there for. It is also very close to where I live and is in a great area.


The School of Mines has a very good reputation especially with it's engineering students. Getting an engineering degree from SDSM&T makes it's graduates stand out just that much more when job hunting.


The best thing about my school is that the entire faculty expects a lot from you. They don't take it easy on you, no matter what. By doing this they are preparing you to be responsible and prepared to face the real world.


The best thing about my school is its incredible reputation and its job placement.


The schools reputation, they provide the best education in engineering only. Besides that everything sucks.