Southeastern College – Charlotte Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now about college I would advise myself to learn to be more independent as I prepare for my college studies. College life requires a lot of independence like knowing how to wash your own clothing, maintaining the effectiveness of my automobile, balancing your own financial accounts, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If I could go back in time I would advise myself to get strong and knowledgeable in those areas to ensure I have a successful college life. More importantly I would focus on enjoying my liberty in general. During my general education years I took for granted my freedom. Almost always I would have a hectic schedule and never seemed to know how to relax when I had time in between to relax. How I hated the extra time with nothing to do, calling it boredom. Now in my college years, I dream of those days where I had extra time. College life is demanding; I took those days for granted.


Keep things simple and sweet while in high school. Focus on what you need to learn any order to get the grades you need, so you will have an easier transition into your college years. Start looking and applying for scholarships to help pay for college. To me high school is your basic training in life and college is the job training you need to succeed. Having fun is great, but don't lose track of your goals. High school only a short period of your life. It will come and go before you know it. Stay focused and push forward. You can do this. I know you better than anyone else.