Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A great Online MBA program, to give the opportunity to the working person to go back to school.


Southern Illinois University of Carbondale is a college with more than I could have ever imagined. It is filled with kind hearts, unlimited resources, outstanding professors, and a beautiful campus.


Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is a wooded campus that welcomes people of all types, and offers a large variety of classes taught by a large, diverse population of teachers.


SIU is a student friendly, academic center for students who want become much more than just a graduate, they leaders, mentors, who strive to excel in every aspect of their academic and social lives.


Southern Illinois University has one of the most well spread out campuses filled with trees and plants. The faculty, staff, and students at Southern are all very helpful and supportive for your future goals and aspirations. I cannot imagine going anywhere else, truly. I am a proud Saluki among many. What I like most about Southern is how diverse the campus is in race, religion, and views. Southern is a larger school that has a intamite little school feeling. Campus life is close with the community, making you feel right at home.


I would describe the school as helpful for a person to become succesful in the job market.


My university has a beautiful campus but, I would not recommend anyone to attend this school.


SIUC is a fun, great school with a diverse group of students.


Located in a great part of town with everything to do conveniently located around the campus.


A very diverse, fun, and engertic place to get your education.


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is a school that has something for everyone.


A smaller university that has alot to offer and really strives to make there students the best they can be.


The door to new possibilities.


A great environment, friendly staff, infinite possibilities, and overall just a great working environment.


My school offers amazing opportunities to students both in my field (Journalism) and others.


Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is a financially smart choice that will make you smarter!


My school is really in need of better character students.


SIUC is educational.


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is a school that is large enough where there are man diverse options for major and a diverse faculty, but is small enough where wherever a person goes, they can see someone they know and can feel comfortable enough asking questions to anyone.


A diverse community that allows students of all ages to become whatever he or she desires and is equipted to allow he or she to do that.


My school has a friendly and willing to help outlook with a positive environment.


It is a well rounded school where I can get a very good education, especially in my chosen career path of criminal justice. It is an excellent location in an area of the state where there is a lot of wild life and a lot of recreational activities. The school gives me a great social outlet as well as a good educational experience.


Southern Illinois University is my home and comfort zone.


Thoroughly research colleges before making a decision on where you want to attend. Make a list of what's important to you about schools. Make an inform decision.




My school is fun, diverse, and accepting.


My school is awesome.


It is very demanding, have a lot of distractions but overall, it is a decent school to go to


SIU is a very good school to meet new people get a great education and have memories that you will remember forever!


A reasearch intense learning facility located in the heart of a gorgeous forest.


Southern Illinois University is the best college for people who want the University feel without the too-big campus.


A great place to learn, socialize, grow, and have fun.


SIUC is a great school and also has great professors that help out the students and care about them as well.


It is very outgoing.


It is a beautiful place to learn a lot from the classes and people alike.


If you want to spend your weekends exploring water falls and enjoying the forests that suround campus and your weekdays discovering your real potential and applying it through a variety of in-depth hands on classes where students develope good relationships with professors and each other than Southern Illinois University is the place for you.


Carbondale is a great place, especially for Radio-TV majors and it would be even better if everyone drank a little less.


Beautifully set and laid back place to prepare for a career.


Fun, entergetic, adventerous


liberal, and I like it.