Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


When people hear SIU, they immediately think: party. Although the school gets its reputation from out-of-control events that happened years ago, many people do not realize the school's great successes in academics. There is so much offered to students here, like essay help, fitness activities, tutors, even outdoor endeavors. The amount of help and stress-relieving activities offered here make it hard for students to fail. Yes, maybe we do have the good party now and then, but I hope others can recognize SIU the way I do: A helpful hand pulling you up to success.


It is nationally known for its metal and glass manufacturing, physical therapy program, media production program which is highly sought out in Hollywood, CA and recently its rank in credentials for the archietcture program.


My school is known for having a big research program; it has been ranked amongst the top ten schools for research. Also we have a lot of environmental programs; students are very aware about the environment and want to keep it healthy. They have a lot of technical majors as well, Southern Illinois is best known for its Academics and all the students here at SIU strive to excel in the academics.


This school is best known for its aviation program. It is also known as a party school but has calmed down a lot.


Southern Illinois University is known for its execllent Medical and Psychology programs. It has it's own medical school. This is great for anyone who plans on going to school for medicine or pychology, I plan on taking a few medical classes and possibily entering the medical field.


partying and aviation


My school is best known for its education and business programs.


Its football team, the biology department, and its agriculture department


I believe our school is best known for the departments of media and communication. However, it allows people within Illinois, of all different aspirations, to attend at a relatively affordable price. I also have met quite a few students who attend Southern Illinois University for the great business and science programs offered.


Partying, which as a student there, is an awful distraction. I don't associate myself with parties, but I do know most of the student body does.




SIUC is best known for being a research institution with a lively social scene. It has a beautiful campus with many natural trees, and buildings ranging from old to new. Professors tend to be research oriented, which has the advantage of students gaining access to very significant research projects.


academics and partying


Southern Illinois is best known for their Communications and Aviation programs. They are completely seperate programs but are very strong at the university.


Kappa Karnival/Playas Ball


Southern Illinois University in Carbondale is known for partying. It always has been, and it always will.


Their basketball team and Dental Hygiene and Aviation programs!


Basketball, a great flight and management department, along with engineering.


We are best known for our sports divison!


To be perfectly honest Southern Illinois University is mostly known for their parties and social events. But there is much more to this school than that. The teachers and advisors are very helpful with everything. They have this place called Center for Academic Success where there are several people who help with every subject. This school is also known for football games and the student center.