Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that would be a perfect mathch for SIU is someone that is very focused on their education. Also someone that is willing to do a lot of reasearch, because SIU is a very big reasearch school. This person also should be good at going out and meeting new friends because this campus always has something going on. It is never dead, not even on the weekends.


The kind of person that should attend this school is the kind of person who wants to recieve a good education, and have a large school feel in a smaller area. SIUC is a larger school, but the surrounding towns and cities are smaller, and there are many parks, and many more outdoor activities than you would find in a larger city, which broadens the many types of people that would like to attend. SIUC is welcoming to those used to the city, as well as those who prefer the country, or even the woods.


Someone who is serious about their education as well as eager to meet new people and open to different opportunities in advancing their prespective careers and socializing skills.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be a person who is highly motivated, can handle challenge , be able to adjust to new settings and be willing to ask for help when needed. They should be a team player, cooperative, dependable and a person who wants to make a difference in their life and the lives of others.


Southern Illinois University is a great school for anyone wanting to get away from the normalcy of their everday lives growing up. It is a great university to meet a lot of people and have a fresh start into their adult lives. SIU is so culturally diverse that anyone from anywhere would fit in. Go in expecting the best and that is what you will get. It is nearly impossible not to make friends and have a positive college carrer at SIUC.


Any person of any religion, ethnicity, nationality, or anything in between should go here. This school is accepting of everyone, and there is a club for anything you are interested. Even if there isn't one, you are more than welcome to create a club unique to you. This school is accepting and also has a diverse range of degrees available to their students to major and minor in.


If you are going to attend Southern Illinois University, you should be a person that is open to all people and ideas. This school hosts a very diverse group of people who can be learned from. If you are excited about meeting new people who will accept you for who you are, then SIU is the place for you.


This school is not tailored around a certain type of person or student. Anyone could come here and fit in. There are plenty of resources and activities that can help someone meet people with similar interests and someone who could possibly help you toward your career path. There are also many programs and tutors for every class that help students become the student they want to be.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a student looking for an education that is specific but willing to learn the things that are not always expected. Majors include some classes you would not expect, but in the long run, really appretiate taking them. Having an open mind is important and embrasing change is possible. Being outgoing and school spirited is important and makes the time here more enjoyable.


This school is wonderful for outdoor enthusiest. Not more than a 20 minute drive away is the National Shawnee forrest. It's chock full of beautiful trails and campgrounds. But for those who aren't the outdoorsy type, Carbondale is known for it's partying. The bars are always full, and house parties are a common thing. And as long as someone is 19, then they can always find a place for entertainment.


Anyone who wants "the true" college exierence, anyone who is looking for challenging classes and fun living environment. There are many outdoor places one can explore, and anyone who enjoys being outdoors and adventurous will greatly appreciate this campus. The campus is filled with people from all walks of live and from all over the world, so anyone who wants to make many friends and socialize with people from other races should really consider attending this campus.


I think the kind of person to attend Southern Illinois University Carbondale is someone who is extreemely outgoing, motivated and a person who loves the outdoors. There is much to do at this school and staying in your room twenty four seven is not something you would want to do at this school. The type of student to attend Southern Illinois should be friendly and open to many new and exciting adventures to come.


Someone who has a high need to social activties.


Southern Illinois University- Carbondale is a school for working class individuals who want to have a quality educational experience. The University is very welcoming as well to International students, and disabled peoples. People who are "undecided" majors also would have a good time fitting in with SIUC because of their wide variety of program choices, so that a person could experience "a little of everything" and make an informed decision on what major suits them best.


I believe that anybody can attend SIUC if they are interested in going to college .


Anybody can attend this school. If you are a good student there is the honors program, which is a wonderful program. If you are a poor student, the school is filled with other poor students. There is a wide variety of students who attend Southern Illinois University that any type of person can find people like him or herself at Southern Illinois University.


Anybody can attend Southern Illinois University; there is something here for everybody. SIUC is a well-rounded school and tries to expose student to different cultures. If you attend SIUC you view how the real world is going to be like, just by seeing the diversity of the school. Both staff and students welcome you to the school with open arms, so you can adjust from being home to coming to school. SIUC welcome all and don?t judge you based on what you are or where you come from.


Anyone who wants to learn should attend to school. It doesn't matter what color you are, gender, sexual orientation and if you have a disability. I think anyone will feel comfortable here because my school is so welcoming. There are programs and groups for everyone. In the cafeteria for the blind a student words ask the blind individual what he or she wants and the student worker prepares a plate for him or her.


The type of students that should attend this school are students who love nature, are academically focused. Students who are interesting in many opportunities with field experience and research in there specific feild of interest. Southern Illinois is a great school to attend.




I believe that any type of person can attend this universtiy. It is a great fit for anyone, as long as they have there seleceted field of study.


I feel that a person who lives in Illlinois that desire to be away from home, but not too far away should attend this school. There are trains that students who do not have cars usually take back home that run everyday of the week at various times.


Anyone who is willing to step out of their shell to better their future and to gain a college degree in their desired field. This school is a perfect fit for someone who is not ready for a huge campus but is also ready to move out on their own to experience life on their own.


Someone who enjoys nature, is able to be self-motivated, and is laidback




Anyone can attend it a very open and great place for anyone to learn.


Anyone and everyone who loves the quite calm nature of southern illinois would be a perfect fit for SIU.


People who are looking to go to school in a small college town, that is not particularly close to a big city, but not too far away either.