Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone that is not motivated, someone who struggles with change, someone not able to adjust to new settings and not willing to ask for help. If you are not a team player, cooperative, dependable and not wanting to make a change in your life or the lives of others this school is not for you!


I feel that every type of person is able to attend Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The school, teachers, and students are accepting of everyone. I also feel that people who are easily distracted by fun social activities need to be careful. Since there are so many places to go to and spend time with friends in Carbondale, it can be harder to focus on one's education. Other than that, anyone has a chance to be successfull here.


Southern Illinois University is a beautiful place in the middle of a small town. The people, who in my opinion, should not attend this school, should be those that do not like nature and large amounts of rain. SIU is surrounded by trees, plants, and our campus lake. Those who do not enjoy nature, for example the bugs, humidity, and no large skyscrapers would not fit best at southern. SIU also recieves large amounts of rain. For those who care about their hairstyles and clothes, come prepared for stormy beautiful weather.


This school is a terrible choice for anyone looking for a small school. The teachers here are warm and friendly, but need to be sought out. The people are also wonderful. But if people don't seek out others, they can end up being lonely. Basically, this school makes students take the initiative to go and find others. Another set of students that shouldn't come here are those looking for a large metropolitan area. Carbondale is close to the National Shawnee forest, and surrounded by towns with populations of 2,000 people or less.


I don't honestsly thing that any person shouldn't attend this school. This school welomes everyone and can benefit each and every person in their one way. SIUC is very diverse and welcoming to everyone. If you have a desire to go to SIUC, than it is the school for you.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend my school is someone who would not like to try to further their education or try something new. My school offers an opportunity for anyone to continue their education in whatever their interests are. There are also new and exciting activities that students can participate in that will build their resume while meeting new people and trying new things.


Someone who hates walking and being active. The campus is several miles wide and it is very difficult to get classes close to each other. Between all of my lectures and labs, I probably walk over 4 miles a day!


dont want to show up for class, lazy, using the people around them in a bad way...


Carbondale has always had a reputation for being a "party town." I believe it takes a person with quite a bit of self control and discipline to be able to attend classes and excel simultaneously. I person who may not be mature enough to resist the temptations presented by this town's atmosphere would easily fail financially and academically.


If you are accustomed to big city life and like the hustle and bustle of the city, then Southern Illinois University might not be the place for you. It's a smaller college town, so you may find yourself bored or feel like there is nothing to do. You may also feel like you don't have as much as a social life as you did in the city, but really you just have to go and find it. You also may be suprised to see deer on campus!


I feel that people who want to goof off and not apply themselves should not attend this school. I do not agree with people who want to spend their money for classes and then blow them off.


Someone who really wants to focus and finish school quickly.


A person, that loves to party, and puts their education on the back burner


If you're looking for bright lights and constant action (think NYC), youll be disappointed. This is a rural university city, with lots of trees and local businesses. If you're not a fan of nature, this school isn't for you.


The person that is wanting a good quality education for their money and wanting to succeed in a quick manner.


Someone who does not like diversity, happiness, and beautiful, as well as peaceful surroundings.


A person used to a small surrounding shouldnt attend. Everyone would be fine though. It is not a terrifying place but can be overwhelming for someone not used to having a lot of people around. Someone just looking to party wont make it either. You have to be aware that you are in college and not just here to party.


Someone who has no motivation what so ever


Goal oriented, hard working student who likes to be involved with campus activities. There is something for everyone to do here from academic group to athletic groups.


People who will be far from home and become home sick easily.


If you don't like bugs or fuzzy woodland creatures, don't come here. If you can't live anywhere but a big city, don't come here. If you have a pathological fear of deer, definitely don't come here.


someone who really likes natures and would appreciate being in the middle of no where