Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Two things--two very important things that nobody but yourself can teach you. Firstly, be tenacious in everything you do, and make sure you do plenty. I believe that everyone is smart enough to chase that 4.0 GPA, especially you. But you have to want it--it will take long hours of studying (and maybe a few tears), not to mention a fair bit of luck. But if you ever feel like you need a second chance in life before you are even out of high school, you aren't working hard enough. So listen, just don't be lazy--trying is half the battle, and one battle that is the most likely to be lost. Secondly, no matter how well you do at the aformentioned, life will knock you down. Once again, you will probably never learn this in high school (some people don't learn it untill post-college). What is critically important is that you learn what to do after taht happens--and as quick as possible too. My best advice? Get back up and remember why you put one foot in front of the next.


If I could go back and give myslef advice about the future I would tell myself not to focus on material things. I would tell myslef that material things, although great at the time, will not help get me thorugh college. The most important thing in life is famiy. Our family can not be replaced. Families are there for us all the time and act as our "cheerleaders" when we are in college. They are the ones who tell us not to stress and celebrate with us when we do good on a test or quiz. Material thins are nice for the time but can not share the wisdom that out family has to offer. Life is too short and can be taken away from us at anytime. I feel it is important to stay connected with family in college and never lose touch.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself when I was in high school, the two things that I would tell myself is to learn how to study and to be more frugal with my money. I was a straight A student in high school, and it came effortlessly to me. But when I transitioned into college life, and especially now that I'm studying my major, there are concepts that I struggle to grasp. It was difficult to have to learn how to study in a way that works for me while I was having problems in a class. Another important thing that I would tell my high school self would be to save my money! Whenever I got paid, I couldn't wait to go out and spend it! But now that I have major bills to pay at school, I'm lucky to be able to go out for food and can't save much of my money. If I had saved better back then, I might be able to pay for some of my tuition out of pocket, or at least buy some of my books without having to take out a loan.


Looking back at my high school self, I realize I was way too stressed out. As I juggled four Advanced Placement classes, varsity soccer, figure skating, and a job, I also constantly worried that college was going to be even more difficult. I was spending all my time trying to get ahead so I could have summers off of school to see my family. If I could go back and give myself a chat, I would plead myself to take it slower, enjoy my last year at home, and to focus on my current happiness. I would knock it into my head that college goes at a pace comfortable with you, and there is plenty of help if you get caught underway. My past self should know that yes, the AP credits do help out, but the bittersweet memories of your most glorious year out of "the best four years of your life" help out too, not with academics, but with the other part of college: the living independently part. I tried to grow up and take on the world too quickly, like many mistakenly do, and if I could go back, I would enjoy being a kid.


If I could go back in time and tell my high school self something I would say stay focused. During my senior year I was on the ball with everything keeping up with scholarships and financial aid. I would tell myself to stay focused because when I came to college I was very unmotivated and I did not stay looking at the bigger picture. I would have also told myself that I made the right decision to follow my friends. I know that some people advise students to go off and their own thing and they do not need their friends. I am the type of person who gets anxious about being alone in public or making big decisions alone. Another thing is I would tell myself to calm down and take a deep breath because college is not as big of a headache as everyone makes it out to be.


If i could go back to high school, I would tell myself that I need to start thinking about college really early like everyone was telling me. I would tell myself to stop putting it off because it is going to add so much stress to your life once the time finally comes and your ready for the big first day. I would also tell myself to fill out scholarships! They reallt are important! My teachers were not kidding! They really did know what they were talking about. All that time my class thought they kept repeating themself because they didn't have anything else to say in that moment. The last thing I would do is take more trips to the college to find my classes before the semester starts so I wouldnt be a nervous wreck the first day of classes. College can be crazy, but if you listen to those people that just keep repeating themself, life wouldn't be so rough that first month of classes.


Do your absolute best. The harder you work now, the simpler you can make it for yourself in the future. No one can take your education from you.


If given the opportunity to advise myself as a senior, I would take full advantage of the situation and start by saying that college is truly the best and the worst of times. I would remind myself that even though it does not seem like a fun idea at the time, it is better to go to a community college first. It is likely that the major you start with will not be the one you finish with, so save the cash on a big university by attending a community college for the first year, until you know for sure what you want to do with your life and can find the perfect university for that major. But putting the financial stress aside, college will be a moment in life to find out who you truly are as a person and it is important you take full advantage of that learning experience. College opens you to opportunities that you never even thought of or had been presented with before. So do your work, and when that is done, go have fun. You deserve the time to find friends, love, and most importantly, finding yourself.


FIrst, I would suggest these few things. Be more outgoing and do not give up. There are people to help you, so do not be shy and speak up if you have a question. Also, talk to people. Small talk can start real conversation and develop friendship. It is okay to still be deciding where you want life to go, but understand that this decision cannot be delayed too long. Get out and broaden your horizons. Go to sporting events, volunteer, have fun, but make good decisions. Ending up in a paper for trouble is not good for you, friends, classmates, or family. College is in the "real world", not the general 8-3 routine. It is your life to live, so be yourself. Make your own choices, but make them for your benefit. Lastly, there are a lot of people. As potential competitors, every student seems like an enemy. There are people who try to put you down. Cut loose from their grip and keep your head up. Professors and faculty remember the ones who smile and show kindness better than any other student. So: be positive, press on, get some rest, and never give up on your dreams!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a highschool senior, I would tell myself to quit slacking off, do better, apply for more scholarships and apply for them much earlier, as well as try to act better around my parents. I would also tell myself to save every penny instead of wasting it on everything I want but don't need.


From a young age and upon entering highschool, I was always interested in architecture. I looked foward to projects that would allow me to design building structures. However, during my senior year I started to recieve advise about alternative career choices from the school advisor and my parents. Their concern was that archietcure wouldn't yield a good salary but becoming a doctor would. So for the first year of my college career I attended Purdue University majoring in pre-med. I was miserable but I figured it would eventually pay off. It wasn't until I noticed one of my friends making a bridge for his engineering class that I realized just how much I loved architecture. The following fall semester I left Purdue, transfered to a community college majoring in archicture and eventually transfered to SIUC- SOA. I would tell myself to just trust God. I belive that everything happens for a reason. Although I could have avoided the set back of Purdue, I feel I wouldn't have really understood the amount of passion I have for architecture making me more focused in school. My advice would be to follow my heart and true joy will follow.


As a freshman now in college I look back to my high school self and I see a guy that doesn’t seem to think things through. I would sit him down and tell him to wake up, that life is passing you by and if you don’t try to take advantage of what’s around you, you’re going to miss it. I know that you are lazy and tend to forget about your work and focus on other things, if you were to focus now maybe in the future I wouldn’t have to be struggle to find scholarships money to pay off school. If you were to pick up that book and actually study it, college would be easier. I know now that things are much harder then they seem and nobody is going to hold your hand. Don’t let opportunity’s pass you by because once there gone they never come back and you won’t be able to recover them. Education is a valuable thing, if you can take advantage of the opportunity’s presented to you, you’re going to end up trying to make every last penny count towards your education.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school I would do things alot differently. First I would have already had my college choice picked out. I would have retaken my ACT. I would of also studied harder to have had my grade point average even higher so I could of qualified for even more scholarships and even possibly could of attained a full ride. I also would have started SIU Carbondale at the beginning of the year instead of transferring in the middle of the semester from Lincolnland Community College. So please for you seniors out there do retake your ACT, maintain the highest grades as you can, prepare for college early, be willing to make new friends, use your resources and enjoy every minute now as you prepare for your future and reap the rewards.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the main thing I would tell myself is to not worry so much! Yes, college classes are more difficult than high school courses, but that was not my main concern. I have always adapted well to academic situations. I was worried about not having any friends and missing my family. What I didn't realize was that there are people everywhere in college and they are all so friendly and helpful! I have made more friends in my first year of college than I have in my whole life and I am so greatful for that. As for missing my family, it was very hard at first, but what I learned is that you just need something to distract yourself. Join some clubs, go workout, watch the football games! There are so many activities college offers you to get your mind off how much you miss home for a while till they can come visit, and eventually, you grow up. Yes, you still miss them, but realize you can live without mom and dad behind you every step.


If I was able to go back and give advice to the highschool me, I would reassure myself saying that I am confident that I will gain the most out of my education at Southern Illinois University. I woujld say that there are numerous ways to be active both on campus and off. I would encourage myself to volunteer and become a member to as many organizations that I possibly could. As a result, my networking would grow tremendously from connections with teachers, students, organizations, andeven potential employers. I would say when you feel like you are working hard, to try a little bit harder becasue it is worth it. I would say that every assignment, paper, test, and quiz metters. I would say there is no better place to develop a well-rounded foundation of Architectural Knowledge then at Southern Illinois University. The professors truly care about each and every student and would love to help you succeed to move forward in your endeavors. I would say the students in your program are not just other students, they are your support and your family away from home. I would say that Southern is the perfect choice.


Whitney, this is about to be the most difficult, most exciting time in your life. Go in expecting the absolute greatest experience of your life because that is what you will acheive by the time you graduate, greatness. Really put your heart into everything you do. It may be difficult, at first, being away from everything you know, everyone you know, but being an adult is about experincing these new things and living beyond what you were raised to know. With all of that being said, life will not be perfect. You WILL run into people you butt heads with. You WILL have an obnoxious roommate that makes you roll your eyes everytime they talk. And you WILL struggle with classes. Just dig deep and realize what you are working for, because going through this experience is what will shape you as the wonderful person you are becoming. I believe in you and you should absolutely believe in yourself. Good Luck!


I would actually give myself a heads up choosing the right advisor, because thats where it start. Also make sure that there isn't to many distraction in my life while attending, and to be in a les stressful invironment. I also wouldn't had waited so late to attend a four year college, I would transferred from the Jr College early on. I also would advice mme to know what I want to do in the future, choose a career that best suits me.


1. Have A Major- Not having a major can set you back 1 to 2 years in your education 2. Get Involved In Your Campus- Simple! 3. Use Your Resources- Simple! 4. Get A Job- You want to go out have a good time, eat out, enjoy be in young, will get a job those $200-$300 checks bi-weekly will come in hand. 5. Make New Friends- Very important, new friends open your mind up to new things 6. Be More Opened Minded: always thing about things, it could be your holy gail 7. Try New Things-like kayaking, biking riding, new resturants 8. Enjoy The Campus Life- use your bowling alleys, go to games- they give out free stuff at games, etc 9. Study, Study, Study!!! Trust me, you wil thank me later 10. Use Your Dinning Halls - its decite and its already paid for 11. Get To Know Your RA's - they are the most important people in your dorms 12. Buy A Printer- this is important trust me you will save tons of money 13. Exercise- at least 2-3 x's a week- you won't gain the freshman fifteen 14. Drink Water- its free


Dear Self, I would like to give you some encouragement. I love you. It is your life that is most affected by your choice in career. This is a decision that is going to cost you a lot of money, please chose something that is in your heart. There is no greater satisfaction than making a living doing something that you love to wake up to everyday. Something that feeds your soul. Start out by being open if you are not sure what you want to do. Take it all in and find where your roots want to grow. It is not necessary to have all the answers right now.....give yourself the time and space to figure it out. College is an incredible journey of learning on many different educational and emotional levels. Try to stay present in the moment. If you get overwhelmed, know that I am always here for you.


If I could go back in time when I was a senior in high school, I would have said to myself, to do better in school and to make sure that you take care of school right away then waiting until I was in my 40s. I could have had my degree already and been making better money during the time up to now. I could have been alot more successful and have gotten my professional liscense sooner than later.


First I would start off by telling myself don’t be scared to ask for help. There were many times that I could have sought help about things but was too scared to ask. As I got older I realized that’s what those professors, counselors, and other staff are there for. Now days I’m not nervous at all to ask for help. If I have a question about something I just ask. Another piece of advice I would give to myself is don’t let anything hold you back go straight for your dream. I changed my major because many of my friends told me bad things about it and made me second guess it. Then I realized after taking a few unneeded classes that I needed to change back to what I wanted to do. It was my dream to become a nurse so I told myself that’s what I’m going to do. I would tell myself don’t listen to others only listen to yourself. Also I would tell myself to have a little fun every now and then. Just don’t let it come in the way of your studies.


Some advice that I would give myself is to try new adventures. Following your heart can lead you to amazing things in your future no matter what. Also, getting away from home was a good decision because back in my hometown, my community was not the safest place to live.


Go ahead and go to school to be an Art Education major. Eventually you will return back to this major and find yourself in school for an extra two and a half years. That's okay, you'll still be young but it'll be so much easier to get your degree sooner than watching those around you graduate when you are still working on your major. Also, join some clubs or be more social. You'll regret throwing yourself into studying, working full time and going to school full time. Also, maybe live with your parents longer until you finish your degree, you'll never realize how easily it is to get into debt and how hard it is to pull yourself out. Remember to save money for the future and pay off loans as soon as you can. It will help you be less stressful and more successful in the long run. You've got this, don't worry.


Dear Amela Cikota, There are a few things I would like to inform you about college. Start saving money right now. I know you may think that you already are, but college is more expensive than you think. Save every dollar possible and think before you buy that movie ticket, bag of chips, or even that bottle of soda in your hand. Think, do you really need it? That money will make your life in college so much easier. Believe me, I've been there. Sincerely, Amela Cikota


Jazmine, I know college seems nerve wracking to you, but I am here to tell you that everything will be okay, it's not all that frightening. I know you're worrying over how to pay for college,but let me tell you that there are many financial opportunities that are there to help you pay for school. Momma doesn't have to have extra stress on her shoulders because there are scholarships and grants that can assist you. The only thing you have to worry about is to have that college expierence and maintain your grades. Also, I know no one in the family has a college degree and you are alone on this, but there are many professors as well as students there to help you adjust and transition into SIU. Professors want you to do great so they will provide you with advice and resources to successfully pass your courses. One last thing, i've spent first semester of college thinking that I didn't deserve to be in a university because i wasn't ready. That's untrue, nomatter where you came from, you earned and deserve your seat in college like everyone else. Good luck!


If I were to go back into time and give myself advice about college I would let myself know that college is something important that is super benefical to my life so take everything that college offers seriously. I would look for more scholarships before even starting college. I would also look more into important details about class size, the distance and educators at my university. I would deffanitally be more perpared and more confident going into my freshman year of college if I could go back into time and give myself advice.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure to prioritize my time better. When I first started college, I did a lot of my work at the last minute. This left me feeling stressed out, and although I did not have bad grades, I could have had more A's in my classes. I would make sure to do my studying ahead of time. Since I am pursuing a nursing degree, I would also tell myself to take into consideration that it is important to receive more A's than B's in my classes. The nursing field is competitive. Having gone through these experiences, this would be the advice I would give to myself before starting college.


I would first make sure to remind myself the reason that I am attending college in the first place. My studies should come ahead of my social life. I would tell myself that the decisions I make now can affect me for the rest of my life. I would tell myself to make sure I stay focused on the ultimate goal, which is earning a degree. This will be an experience you will never forget. Learn from the diverse set of people you will meet during your journey and never judge anybody. You never know what experience they have been through that could help you learn. Be as involved as you can be in the school and its activities. This is the best time of your life so make sure you live it to its fullest. I don't want you to look back on what could have been. Most of all, enjoy the opportunity that you have ahead of you.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to save as much money as possible. There are so many expenses to take into consideration while away at college. An emergency fund is a must for students while attending college. I did not save much money throughout high school and now I'm regreting that decision.


Make sure you stay on top of your school work and health. School can be fun but you have to stay on top of everything.


Take the time to study. Build good study habits while your in grade school and high school. All through high school, I floated by, making good grades because I was a quick learner and I have a great memory and ability to absorb information. Although those abilities still help me, they in no way prepared me for the type of education I would recieve in a university. College education is a totally different realm of knowledge that requires studying and time to really learn properly. It is very important to build proper habits intended to help you during the course of your education career.


Dear Meily, Study,Study Study and College life will be easier. Everything you learn will help you as you take higher level courses in college. In your free time apply for scholarships you have no idea how much it really helps. Many sleepless nights will come but the feeling of learning and passing it's well worth it. Stay focus and try your best, the future needs you.


The most important advice that I would provide myself is to not be afraid of the challenge of collegiate coursework. During my high school years, my mother struggled with an addiction to crack-coaine. The young man of those times was afraid of life's possibilities due to the abandonment and instability that he had experienced up to that point. The current me would simply assure my high school self that everything will be okay and encourage myself not be nervous about the future. I would tell me that college is not nearly as difficult as the teachers portray it; they are simply trying to prepare you for the most daunting challenges that may arise throughout your collegiate career. On the whole, the curriculum is not much more difficult than that of the Advanced Placement high school courses in which you are currently enrolled. I would also tell me that Mom loves me very much, even though it may not seem that way. I would say this in an effort to remedy the anger and insecurity that I had developed in hopes of preventing some of the poor choices that I ended up making shortly after high school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself to be more concious of time and to not procrastionate. Time management and procrastionation were the most challenging habits I struggled with. I believe that if I had worked on getting rid of these habits I would have been able to transition to my college life more smoothly. Towards the beginning of the first semester I thought the work was a breeze. However, I was brought into reality when I did not turn in a assignment the day it was due which was worth a huge portion of my grade. I did not not turn it in becasue I had not completed it yet; a week went by and I had avoided going to the class because I had yet to finished the assignment. When I finally did go to class my instuctor told me I could not turnin the work. Therefore after that ordeal I was playing catch up the rest of the semester, becasue I underestimated the time the assignment would take, and the strictness of my instructor. Consqenectuly I learned the tradeoffs of time mangement and procrastination.


There are many sterotypes and rumors that high school seniors hear about college, that makes some not want to even atten college, but all the rumors aren't true. It is something definately worth experiencing. My only regret is that I didn't go to clooege right after high school. That is the one thing I would have changed and done differently!


Start on the core classes. If possible see if there is a less expensive college that can transfer credits to a more desireble college, and start attending at the lesser expensive.


I would tell myself that applying for college and getting everything ready isn't as hard as you thought it would be. To be less stressed out about the whole process because it's pretty simple and it'll all work out in the end. I would say I need to apply for more scholarships because I know I could have earned more money for school.


If I could turn back time, and tell myself what I know now, I would probably give myself some winning lottery ticket numbers first off. I would remind myself not to drink to much on a few occasions, and not to drive to tricities every weekend in may with Ashley. Not think I'm in love with Zach because he turns out to be the biggest waste of time immaginable. Tell myself to cut my step dad a break, he turns out to be the good guy after all. Not borrow all that money from my dad, and warn him not to give it to me, because it ends up being a heart breaking experience for him, and myself because I have to watch him slowly lose his mind. Remind myself to invest some money as I was going to have a kid at twenty years old with the love of my life. To respect my body while I can, because in three years, it will never look the same again. If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would warn myself of what the real world is truely like.


I would tell myself as a high school senior that you should go on to a university right away. Community college is not as fun as it could be. It actually gets quite boring. I woulld also tell him to not get sucked into the freedom of being able to skip class, it's not worth it. Also, I would tell him to remember his passion for music and don't get lost in thinking about what he wants to do when it's right in front of you. I would let him know not to get caught up in the wild scene or the many unknown people. Take advantage of it, and make yourself known. Stay focused and keep your eye on the prize, school is important, never forget that.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say, research more. As a high school senior I felt like I knew what I wanted to do and going to auniversity that had the major would be the easiest way to get to that career. What in actualality happened was that I truely did not know what went in to achieving that degree and getting that career. When I actually did the program, it was more challenging than I ever thought, and it was not for me. I would tell my high school self to go to the community college and get the general education classes out of the way and really figure out what I was good at and how that would truly encourage, and show what the best career could ever be for me. I have changed my major three times since being in college, and I wish I could tell my high school self to learn more about myself and any desired careers, before deciding on a major and university.


Most people, if they could, would warn their past selves about partying, exes, or studying. But my biggest warning would be about pride. In my freshman year, I took a job at the local Taco Bell. I thought that because I worked thirty or more hours a week in High School, I could do it in college too. But I was wrong. College required a lot of studying, and working the hours that I did was not very conducive to my schedule. But I was too stubborn to admit defeat and quit. And because I was too stubborn to quit, I ended up losing way more money than I made. Working there also stressed me out more than any of my classes, messed up my sleeping schedule, and made me hate people for a little while. It was just a terrible experience. So, if there was anything that I could tell my past self to avoid, it would be my pride. It caused too many problems.


I have learned that life is not easy and you have to fight for what you need. I honestly did not think I was going to be able to attend college because my family is not wealthy. College is something I do not take for granted. This scholarship could lift a huge burden off of my family.


I have learned alot from my professors in my first semester of college. I had a wrote a paper in my english 101 class on how college is valuable for us to succeed in this world. A high school diploma is hardly worth anything these days to be secured in the future for financially means or for job security. As a son to a father who is currently incarcerated in a federal prison I know that if my father was given the chance for a pos secondary education he would probably not have to look to other means to make money for his family. College has been valuable to me so far because i know every day I learn something new and that its one day closer for me to graduate and to receive my bachelors degree is computer information systems.


i have learned a lot and grown into an aduult. i wouldnt go back.


Being at college I have learned many things about myself. First of all the resonsibility of living alone. I dont have my parents with me taking care of me or doing laundry or cooking for me. Also the responsability for me to be a good student. Unlike high school, the teachers don't remind you of homework or tests; attendance is not strictly regulated. It falls on the student to succeed. The friendships that I have made while in school are unlike any other. College has taught me to be a better man; college isn't only to learn about different subjects, but also to leran how to live a better life. Another imortant thing that I have learned is to have an open mind. I have learned how to understand different people and their customs.


As a student at Phoenix College I have encounter many friends from the programs I am in. I have found some people who are pursuing a career related to mine. Though most of the ones that are more closely related to mine move away which sadly, we don't stay in touch. In college it is not like in highschool where everyone knows everyone, in my experience, I have encountered much drama. I also discovered the more people that know you in college the more likely connections you will have. If it is in tutoring or in getting the best recommendations from. Not only do I learn academically but also on life lessons. I find college a way to ease up to grow as an independent adult. For instance, people getting financial aid receives help on paying for bills. College also helps students go towards the right path as in making the right choices. Without schooling most students may be in the streets not really being guided on what is recommended. As a college student I enjoy school because most of the people I am with enjoy it as well.


I have gooten a lot from my college experience. I am an Aviation Flight and I canhonestly say that i have learnt a lot just from the first sememster and I can not wait to begin the second smemster if I get this scholarship. This money is the only thing that would make me go back to school for the second semester. I have o money to pay for my second semester tuition and this money would help me a lot. I hope I get this money so I could go back to school this coming semester.


I have learned that college life is about learning not only about your major but also about yourself as a person. Without a parent to tell a person what to do it gives them complete freedom and a person's true personality comes out wheter there a hard working student or are a person who doesnt consider school top priority. That is why I think it is valuable to attend college so people can try to better themselves before entering the work field either by gaining more skills or getting rid of some bad habits. College can show wheter is really ready to be an adult and take responsiblity for there every action.


I feel that by attending this school, it greatly increase my chances at being successful in the "real world" as a CPA. The alumni that return to speak to us about their experiences motivates me to hope that some day I too maybe the one returning to speak to the curent students at SIUC.


While I have just started on my journey through college and my academic career is far from over, so far I am very pleased with the experience. People may give many various reasons why they want to go to college and earn a degree; well paying job, educational prowess, or even just a better world perspective. In my case, above all other things it just feels really good to be doing something productive for myself and my future family. The money aspect really isn't my biggest concern, more or less I just want to achieve the credentials necessary to put myself on track for a career that I thoroughly enjoy. I'm enrolled at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in the Aviation Flight program and I'm ecstatic! Flying is one of my passions and I believe it takes that sort of interest to truly be successful in any career you may want to pursue. I figure if I can hold a job doing something I love and get paid to do it, then I have truly achieved more success than I could possibly ask for.