Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to SIUC, I wish that I had known a little bit more about the campus. I went to the campus orientation and came down an additional time before classes started, but the community college that I went to before transferring was nowhere near the size of SIU. It definitely took some time to figure out where everything was on campus.


I wish I had known more about financial aid and other options to help pay for school.


I wish I would have known I was pregnant before I went to school, that way I could have decided on what I wanted to do. My pregnancy affected my grades by making me sick majority of the day leavingme unable to make it to my classes. I wish I would have known so my grades wouldnt have been affected.


There was nothing I didn't know because I di visit the school prior to enrollment.


What I wanted to do with my life besides have fun. I wish I had been a better high school student. I guess I just did not realize the importance of taking a school career serious at that period of my life.


I wish I knew the value of bulk shopping.


I wish I would have known that there was going to be so few scholarships offered. I assumed because it was an in- state school for me I would be better off attending, but I probably would have gotten more help going out of state. There are very few scholarship opportunities for anyone outside of a music/theater background.


I wish i knew that there was alot of partying and distractions.


What my prospective major was going to be.


I researched the school and visited the campus before enrolling, but I was not aware of how expensive it is to live by myself. I was used to living a home with my mother.


To be more responsible for myself, there are students who are worse off than me because they do not even realize that because they do not study they will flunk their classes


Before coming to school I did not have a chance to visit the campus, and I had to base my decision and the photos and passages I read from other students on the pamplets I recieved and the schools online website. Before coming to SIUC i wish i would have known more about campus life and the sites on campus. I also wish I would have learned more about the academic programs offered on campus.


Before coming to school I have knew a lot about having a college experience. Some examples are being at camp and also my high school prepared me for what it will be like. I have talked to many people who have been to college, who graduated from college, and lots of student who was in college at the time for advice. I felt I was ready and most I was, but I wish I knew more about my college city and much the city of Carbondale play a role in making the school better.


Yes but it probably would have not affected my decision.


How big it really was going to be. It caught me off guard with how many people would be down there. Especially how diverse the sampus is.


I wish I had known about the different colleges on campus.


It helps if you go to school with someone you know. I didn't my freshmen year and wound up transferring.


That there is no White Castle, I love that place and get it every time I go home.


About off Campus Housing.


Know exactly what classes are required for graduation within your field of study. The guidance department does not know and will not help you, so you are on your own when planning class schedules and meeting requirements.


Before I came to SIU, I had visited with my parents, my cousin also attended for 2 years. I had research what SIU had to offer. First year I had live at the dorm; I wish I knew how costly and fast the meals point would vanish. Being a military dependent Child coming from Germany, I know my parent would buy more bulk grocery to last both semesters.


I wish I had know my housing options because living in an apartment off campus is way cheaper than living off campus. I also wish I had my award letter in advance so that I may prepare for exspenses.


How warm it can be here and how much rain can fall in a day.


Before I came to Southern Illinois University, I wish I would have known that there wasn't a Pre-Medicine major here. Fortunately after some thought, I decided that going into medicine might not work for me considering that it takes 11 years before I would be able to get certified.


Iwish i would have known how nessasary it is for me to have a single room and that studying for college courses is way more different then what studying was in High School.