Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Mostly I tell my friends about all the different oppurtunities I have had at SMU. Things like joining out-of-the-box orginizations and meeting people whose hometown is across the world.


How much fun it is! I made great friends ad I loved the social aspects. "Boulevarding" is a unique and incredible SMU experience, our own version of tailgating. Dallas is a wonderful city, a great mix of southern flair and big city. But dont get me wrong, it was hard. I did not expect it. Especially the communications department. Most people assume a communications degree is a facade for a girl hat wants to get married right out of college. It isn't. SMU has a fantastic Communications department. It is phenomenal.


There are many events that include famous speakers, including the Dalai Lama! Some of these events are great places to network, meet with people that you can have academic discussions with, and just learn so much more. In addition, despite my school costing a lot, it provides a ton of aid during the regular school year. My school also has some fantastic study abroad programs. Most Professors at my school really help students with school work, as well as provide outside resources to help with their studies. Also, my school has some really friendly people.


Usually do not have to brag with this school name. It precedes itself.


The unparallel sense of belonging and family. Everyone is friendly and welcoming - much in the southern Texan spirirt. Classes are small so instead of feeling like "just a number" students recieved personalized attention and have the opportunity to form unique and intellectual bonds with their professors (not TAs!).The sense of community is so overwhelmingly amazing! With such a small student body, students are able to really get to know their respective class better.


The atmostphere, meeting friends for life. There's so much to do around here, places to see, new places to eat. The school has a lot to offer, but you have to take advantage of it.


I usually brag about how small of a community SMU is. It is a private school that was built in 1911, so it has very nice buildings with an attractive scenery. They always make sure to keep the campus clean and beautiful. I also brag about how approachable the professors are - you feel that they are at SMU because they want to, and not because they have to. You can just walk into their office without any previous appointment, and they would be ready to answer all your questions with a smile on their faces!




It is small and intimate. I really like how most people are actually driven here--much better than high school/the large public university I attended my freshman year.


not much


SMU has small classes, and a lot of interaction with professors. It is easy to get help, either using professors' office hours or the tutoring center. Classes were challenging, and there was always something to do around campus or in Dallas.


The community that the school is in and the opportunities that I have to work/volunteer/live in the city of Dallas.