Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The cost of tuition remains my largest concern regarding the school.


The worst thing about SMU is that there is not very much diversity.


The worst thing is when a lot of people are waiting in line for lunch. Everything about SMU is good, just waiting in line because there is a lot of sutdne.t


The worst thing about our school is stereotypes of different groups on campus.


There are a lot of clicky people. I feel like SMU hase a way of perpetualizing racial stereotypes (preppy rich white kid, the black guy who is only there because he can play a sport, etc.) It seems like people are encouraged by their peers to stick with "their own kind." It's not everyone by any means, but the ones who are that way are loud and what the rest of the world sees.


Too many rich people who control they system, I guess that's life though. You have to be in a sorority or fraternity to have any friends and if your not in one you are stereotyped. Also, if you don't have money you are also stereotyped.


I think the school is very expensive and the people at the school focus too much on partying and there is an over-emphasis on sorority and fraternity life. Drug use has also been a problem at the school.


The worst thing about SMU is the lack of students faith in our athletic teams (especially football). Without student encouragement how will are teams ever have the strength to get better.