Southern Methodist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone ambitious and intellectually curious.


SMU is a great school for everyone or anyone. It is open to diverse thinking and interpretation. There is a large percentage of the student population in Greek Life but academics is the most important aspect in the university. The thing I love about this school is that it helps its students succeed academically, physically and mentally. Any student honestly serious about learning how to prosper in the real world, I would strongy encourage attending Southern Methodist University.


Everyone should attend this school. I believe everyone who likes SMU or want to have an awesome time in college with friends and for education should go to SMU. I love this school.


Someone with an upbeat attitude toward life and is looking to achieve seemingly impossible goals. The school fosters and nutures even the loftiest ideas and helps them become reality. The students here are ambitious and looking to network. While the students work laboriously, they also also a perfect balance in their play time- whether it be football games or line dancing!


As the University is located in the center of Dallas, the University draws students who are interested in urban living. Complete with access to several shopping centers, sporting events, and two international airports, SMU offers what most of the general world population values: convenience and contact with several networking opportunities. For those who are driven to achieve in life, SMU is a good fit; it offers access to a city with almost 20 Fortune-500 companies. SMU has a long history in the Dallas Community and students that connect at SMU are students who desire familiarity and tradition.


A person should attend this school if they are willing to work hard for their goals and learn to become an individual who can make sacrifices and lead the way for others. This is not a school where you can skip class and try to just skim through the textbook right before a test. Professors rarely teach directly out of the book and will most likely test you over material that has been discussed in the classroom--which in my opinion, is what makes SMU so great.


You have to be ambitious, and even if you don't know what you want to do with your life, you have to at least know that you want to do something. You have to be willing to work and manage your time effectively, or success is almost impossible.


If you are truly dedicated to your passion and wish to pursue a career that will fulfill your goals SMU is the best choice. You should be a dedicated, hardworking, person who knows how to explore your fullest creative potential. If enthusiasm and a craving for knowledge pour through your veins, and you want a chance for adventures at your finger tips, this is the school that can offer all you need and more.


Whether you're an artist, or a a science and math person, or a business person, or all three or more. you can attend. This campus has a great variety of professional schools, and is very open to dual or triple majors, and allowing students to take a variety of classes and specialties such as allowing a blend of an engineering degree with a performing arts degree/


Someone who is outgoing and is a born leader. SMU prides themself for building professional leaders, in any major or career. This is obvious through their extensive list of successful alumni.


Someone who is outgoing, acedemically focused, and who is social.




Wealthy conservatives, focused on business and making money. Engineers hoping to progress onto research or strong careers. Pre-med, pre-law and pre-dental students as good undergraduate program for them.


This person should be outgoing and ready to meet new people. Being conservative helps. Even though it may seem from the outside that every person who goes to SMU is rich, white and beautiful, there are definitely many people who do not quite fit that mold.


Hard working students with good money are preferred. Art students should definitely come to Meadows. Business students will love Cox. Liberal arts students will be frustrated, and lower-income students won't last long unless they collect a LOT of financial aid.


Students attendin SMU will need to be independent, disciplined and not intimidated by those from higher socio-economic levels.


rich, conservitave, smart, outgoing


Success driven, type A personality individuals tend to be the happiest people on campus. Faculty praise those who already have work experience and applicable knowledge in their field of study. Southern Methodist University's students are very social on and off campus. Most students are health conscious, closet nerds, who love the nightlife. Although the campus could use more diversity, there is plentiful enrollment of international students from Latin America, Europe, India, and the Middle East. Having been called a "bubble," the campus is a beautiful oasis in the city, seemingly a foreign country, in the middle of Dallas.