Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The day you receive your assignments complete them while it’s fresh on your mind. You will never be more motivated to complete an assignment than when they are first assigned. It’s a good habit that will serve you well throughout your career. When your boss gives you an assignment, she wants to know you are committed to getting it done and you are using your time to do the task well. When the boss asks you how your assignment is going, you’ll be able to speak specifics, not just a general “good” statement. You’ll be able to review your work and turn it in early, giving you more opportunities then those who simply hit the deadline. A good work ethic shows in the final draft. You don’t get yourself in trouble when staying focused on your assignments. That’s true at school and at work. Staying focused on the goal allows you to find creative ways to succeed. You made a good career with a solid dependable work ethic once you went into the work force. Had you developed a strong work ethic in your youth, a good career would have become an outstanding one.


When I look over my own life I could certainly give myself advice. Getting started early on college is a benefit, instead of dragging out your completion. Even if it is getting your general studies. It is good to have some kind of education for jobs, but also something you can work with once you decide what you want to do. Appreciate education, it is more important that you realize. It?s not just about graduating, but preparing for your future. Putting more focus on your studies could build good study habits. You may not use everything, but it is still profitable. If you can avoid it, do not take out loans. Look for every scholarship possible. If you must take out loans, have a plan and pay it off quickly. Find at least part time work while you are in college. No one wants to graduate with a ton of debt, especially when it is avoidable. These are some of the things I would advise myself on regarding college.


I would advise myself not to give up on my dreams. College can be difficult and transitioning has bumps in the road but keep your eye on the goal. You may not have a straight road to your ultimate goal; you may need to weave here and there, go around some bends and up many hills and down into valleys, you may even need to yield a time or two. But getting to that goal and reaching your dream, is a journey that is worth taking and defines the individual that you will become.