Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Top Questions

What should every freshman at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary know before they start?


The College at Southwestern Seminary is unique, in that it promotes a thorough knowledge of the history of ideas. Because of this school I have become familiar with the works of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, Aquinas, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Luther, Calvin, Erasmus, Bacon, Locke, Wesley, Rousseau, Pascal, Darwin, Wells, Freud, Russell, and many more. I acually read books written by all these authors, not just books about them. There is no other education system in America which so distinctly exposes its students to the humanities. I am indebted to my professors for pushing me to write difficult theoretical papers. Without this school I would never have studied even half of these historical greats. Additionally, my involvement in the music school has allowed me to take classes with Master's level students, and thereby learn from their experiences. I have also had the privilege to travel to Hawaii and New York, whereas previously both locations seemed so far out of reach to me. I highly value my experience at Southwestern, and I am excited to see how it will benefit me in the future.


I think the most valuable thing I've learned in college is the importance of having an education. Not only to have a better chance of getting and keeping a job, but also to be able to do that job very well. Yeah, there are plenty of people that go through life with never having been to college, but if I DO get a degree I know that I'll be able to do whatever it is I want to do even better than without a degree. The Bible says that we are to do everything as if we were doing it for God. I think getting a degree and enabling myself to do my job to the best of my ability is one way to do that. I know that with this degree, I am working hard to be able to do my career to the best I can do. And I am proud of that.


OK, Scott, this is you, only a little older. Scott, are you listening? Scott, I don't even think you are awake! Oh, so you are sleeping in again. I've got to tell you buddy, that once you go to college, you won't be sleeping in like this! You'll have so many things to do at college, not to mention early classes sometimes, that you'll find yourself getting up early a lot. So you're awake now? Good. Now listen. Realize your life will be filled to the brim when you go to college, and be ready for a life that seems to have a faster clock running as you have more and more to do in your 24 hour day. Don't sweat it when it happens. Just realize college is a busy time. Knowing that and accepting that is your first step. Then, once you accept the busy life of a college student, commit to getting all you have to do done. You may not get everything done as well as you like, but get it done. That's the important thing. So, get used to early mornings, late nights, and everything inbetween!


I would tell myself that going to Junior College to get my basics is a wise decision. Desxpite it not the big time 4 year University education after high school is more about applying yourself and your desire to learn than the name of the place where you're going.


Continue to read your Bible everyday, surround yourself with friends who will hold you accountable academically, spiritually, etc. There is a lot of work, but in the end you will be glad you worked hard for it. You have to work really hard to pass, but you can do it! You live in a hard area, do not walk alone at night, and never stop pursuing Christ!