Spelman College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Spelman College empowers minority women to make the choice to change the world through sisterhood, service and academic excellence.


A place to gain a good sisterhood experience and come to learn about yourself as a strong woman.


A place where you will grow your consciousness about the world.


The best school that a women can attend in America, who creates women who change the world.


Spelman College is a sisterhood.


Spelman College is the epitome of a prestigious learning institution dedicated to catering to the personal and educational needs of young African-American women looking to have a notable impact on the world in which we live.


Spelman is a safe-haven for females of African decent in search of their voice and identity in relation to a Caucasian, male focused society.


Spelman is committed to the succes of its students.


Spelman College is an all female institution geared toward preparing their students to work smarter, follow their dreams and change the world.


Spelman College makes you grow to be an educated women, and provides career and educational connections all while living in a great social enviorment.


The experiences of sisterhood, scholarship, and service in the Spelman College environment are incomparable to that of any institution I have ever set foot on.


The sisterhood that Spelman offers you will never recieve it anywhere else but here.


An empowerment school that encourges woman to be the change they wish to see in the world.


Spelman College is a great institution with an outstanding learning system that seeks to promote the education of African American women.


My school strives for women of empowerment.


The number 1 HBCU five years strong!


Spelman is a historically black college that has very high stamdards for its students.


The fabulous Spelman college is a place to learn and grow, become a role model and confident in your leadership abilities, explore your roots, and produce successful, hard working women.


Spelman College is a school that prepares me for my future not only from an educational standpoint, but it is a school that teaches me integrity, humility, and how to be a pwerful woman that makes a lasting impact on the world around me.


My undergrad school was a very close-knit and family oriented school established on Christian principles and beliefs.


Spelman College is a christian based college that develops their students through education, community service, social activism/involvement, and prepares them for career/corporate leadership.


My school is a wonderful school that fosters growth.


Spelman College is an elite Historically Black College University that empowers women to achieve success and excellence.




My school is a Historically Black all Female College. It is in the heart of SW Atlanta GA. It has a strong academic background. It focuses on womenhood and empowers women.


Spelman College is women empowering women to succeed.


Spelman is a spectacular historically black college for women and is one of the finest institutions for undergraduate education nationwide that provides every student the opportunity to become empowered, through the educational instructions they receive, in order to make a change in the world that will improve the conditions of our society.


Spelman College focuses on catering to students as individuals with tons of unrefined potential and gives them the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to hone and use that potential to help others within their community.


My school is an all women?s liberal arts college that develops free thinking women who change the world.


My school is open to new ideas and new ways of life.


A steppin stone for a succesful African- American young woman


Spelman College is the number one Historically Black College in the Nation and the students and faculty pride themselves in this fact.


Spelman is academic yet laid back and understanding, but at the higher levels they are somewhat concerned with appearances.


Spelman College is an illustrioius institution responsible for molding strong and successful women into great leaders.


Spelman college is success, love, happiness, and unique.


Spelman College is a institute that revolves around the success of its students, there is nothing more that Spelman would rather have than the production of successful women that have the choice to change the world.


Spelman College is an institution driven by a legacy of greatness and sisterhood, and continues to engrain the values of academic scholarship and success within the women that attend the school today; driving the belief that once released from its gates the students have the power to and will change the world.


Spelman is an advocate for academic excellence, sisterhood, change in the community, integrity, loyalty, growth, leadership, acceleration, faith, and abundance.


My school is the epitome of goal oriented and succeeding in every aspect.


Spelman College is the best place for an intelligent woman to attend school if she wants to be successful in her future career.


Spelman college will make you a better woman; when you leave the gates of spelman college and think back on the day you first entered those same gates you will realize you have changed for the better; you will see that you are a wonderful, intelligent, classy, smart, poised, woman but most of all a SPELMAN WOMAN!


Spelman College is a college designed to cultivate young intelligent women into the best that they can be on an individual basis, and to break them free from all of the negative stereotypes stemming from gender inequalities as well as racial discrimination that tells them they cannot achieve certain things.


Spelman College is a historically black liberal arts woman's college located in the Southern United States.


It's absolutely the best place for a woman of color, especially an African-American woman to attend college.


My school is a fun, fast paced, academically challenging, character- building place that will take you above and beyond your goals while making you a well rounded person.


The best place in the world for young African-American women!


My school is a smal liberal arts academy that is very career-driven, yet it is quite expensive.


Spelman is an eye opening, cultural, and traditional school, that allows for the finding of ones self, by boosting self esteem, intelligence, and sisterhood, and providing opportunities to develop your learned skills in the outside world.


An institution that trains young ladies to become empowered service driven women.