Spelman College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students are eager to obtain jobs/careers with substance and willing to better the world should attend this school.


A prospective students should be ready and willing to put devote long hours and possibly some sleepless nights to completing assignments to the best of their abilities. Students should also be prepared to dedicate themselves to balancing social, extracurricular and volunteer activities with a large workload. It is also important for students to be prepared to network greatly with fellow students, professors, administrators, as well as alumni. Essentially, the kind of person that should attend this school should put forth effort to get to know themselves as student leaders as well as overall people and be willing to grow.

M. Hannah

The type of person that should attend this school is a smart,independent woman that wants the best out of life. That woman should have a string sense of self and much confindence oin herself. She should be willing to work hard and explore the opportunities Spelman has to offer. For one that is open minded, Spelman is a great place. There is truly something for everyone at Spelman. With that being said, the type of person that should attend Spelman College is one that works hard and is striving for success.

La Nyrah

Spelman College is a school that offers an experience, an education and opportunities like no other college. If you want succeed in a college such as Spelman you must not just attend, you have to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities and resources that Spelman College offers. The kind of women that should attend Spelman College should be open minded to the world, ready to grasp on the knowledge given and willing to work hard and take advantage of all the opportunities that Spelman has to offer. This person must be willing to work and show dedication every day.


Someone who is confident, driven, intelligent, open to change, and open-minded should attend Spelman. The school and the experience is certainly not one for the weak, and weak insecure people will drown themselves in their jealousy of the hundreds of gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, successful women on campus.


Someone should attend Spelman College if they are intrested in discovering who they are and their niche in the world. A person who loves to gain knowledge, has pride in themselves, and wants to grow as a woman.


The kind of person that should attend Spelman College is a woman who is charismatic, hardworking, intelligent, and seeks to become a free thinking woman that asks many questions and speak freely.


Spelman is an outstanding college that is known for molding powerful, strong, and sucessful women. I believe the type of person that would appreciate this school is someone open-minded, they have to be open to being molded into free-thinking women and open to new ideas and beliefs. I also believe Spelman women are well-rounded they excell in academics as well as extra-curricular activities. A person that isn't oppsed to authority is a great fit for Spelman College. Anyone that is willing to think outside the box and unafraid to change the world one day.


Strong minded, opinionated, intelligent, independent thinkers are seen amoungst the students. I believe freethinkers make up a big part of the school, and it's for that reason that I believe it makes for such a strong campus.


The type of person that should attend this college is one that is slef driven to be excellent in life . When attending CSU , a person must have or be prepared to take college serious and work harsd in order to keep up in class. A person must be very mature in life experiences and be ready to discuss information in class. This a great school and learning is the best tool in lif e.


Young, Black women who are recent graduates of highschool that desire to persue a liberl arts degree and recieve career specific training. Ladies who want to experience an HBCU experience.


Anyone who is willing to challenge themselves mentally, physically, and even spiritually should attend Spelman College. Although this institution in an HBCU the diversity among the campus will help one to grow and learn more about their self and their history.


The type of personal that should attend this school is an African American female that is striving for greatness. This school allows you to achieve goals higher in the school world than any other school out there. Being a young african female that wants to achieve a successful career in her lifetime should attend because the school's name would take you further in life. The school takes care of you and it nurtures you and turns you into successful young black educated women. If those qualities fall into line with anybody than i believe they should attend the school.


A person who want to be around strong Black women trying to reach the same goal of success and education. Also someone who is not afraid to help others and ask for help when needed.


The type of person that's willing to excel in life


You should attend this college: if you like learning, staying busy consistently, knows how to manage your time, understands that freedom means making wise decisions, understands that networking is important, not afraid to ask questions, desires to particiapte in community service activities and aspire to take on leadership positions on campus, if you have confidence in yourself, if you have courage, if you are responsible and if you have a desire to change the world.


Spelman is a place for someone who is intelligent, socialy conscious and self motivated; someone who would utilizes the opportunities and advantages that we have. This is a place for someone who is not easily distracted and can find what makes them belong. Someone who wants more out of life and understand how to get it. If you not looking for all these things and a liberal art education then Spelman isn't for you. It would be a waste of time and money for you to attend.


People who want the HBCU experience and have the money to pay for it.


A strong, active, high achieving student that was very involved in high school. While the school is a Historically Black College (HBCU), there is no race requirement and there are several non-black students. A prospective Spelman College student should be ready to get involved and excited about becoming a global citizen. The goal of Spelman College is to produce strong women ready to make a difference in the world, which perfectly describes me.


If you want to attend Spelman College, you have to be okay with it being an all girls school. You also have to keep a very open-mind because you are going to experience alot of stuff, you never thought you would. It is not required, but you should be an African-American female. Being that the college is considered an Historically Black College and University, the minority race is black. Also because of the fact that it is a HBCU, the college requires students to take black feminists and history classes every year.


A bright young girl who wants to become a great woman should attend Spelman College.


A well rounded individual who enjoys making the most of life and has high acedemic standards.


Spelman College is a Historically Black College. It was formed in 1881 as an all women's college. Student who are African American females with a grade point average of at least 3.4 in high school should attend Spelman.


A very drivien student who enjoys learning new things. Spelman is a women's college so that is a given. It is also a Historically Black College, but it does not limit its students. Its a school for young girls looking to be impowered. When you leave Spelman you know that you can achieve anything.


Spelman is a school for young women who want to go somewhere in life and do something truly extraordinary. Spelman students are driven and goal-oriented. Students considering Spelman should be passionate about something and really want to stand out, in and out of the classroom.


The kind of person that should attend Spelman College is one who wants to figure out the kind of woman she wants to be. These women need to have the determination to be able to pull through the trials and tribulation they will encounter in this journey. Someone who wants to become a woman of Spelman absolutely can be confused about their path of life, as we all are. She just needs to find the strength that is needed to get to the end of this endering experience.


If you are a inteligent goal oriented female African-American who yearns to be amongst other females who strive for the same things in life Spelman College is the perfect school for you. You will connect and build bonds with women from all around the world all seeking the same opportunities in life as you. Expect competition from each individual as a result, due to everyone wants what you aspire, to be the best they can be. I wish you the best.


Any hardworking girl/woman can attend Spelman College. Spelman promotes pride and strength in women. The create positive ideas and examples of how women can have great effects on society starting fromthe smallest things. Spelman want focus, hardworking, and strong women that they can can mold to even stronger motivatinal women who will fight to change and fix eh world for the better.


Anyone who is ambitious and aspires to do great things should come to Spelman College. Anyone who wants to be a part of the ubreakable bond of sisterhood on and off campus would fit right in. Spelman challenges students academiclly and makes them develop intellectually and socially, because it is necessary to become a successful and well-rounded person.


Leders should attend Spelman College. I have found that most of the young women I have met were top of their senior class in high school, were vey active in high school and in the community.


Well, this is an all girls institution, so I would suggest any female who is ready to confront their dreams with the support of other women at any cost, should apply to this school.


Someone who is proud of their African American background and/or does not mind slightly annoying constant conversations about race and politics. someone who is willing to learn, but is not easily persuaded- they'll try to get you. Also, women who love to party, but can still pull an 'A' on the exam the morning after. Afterall, it is Atlanta.


Spelman is a small all women's college located in Atlanta, Georgia. Women with a Liberal Arts or Science focuses, who prefer small classes would find Spelman a perfect fit. The professors have specific office hours but are easily accessible with appointment. Spelman is a part of the Atlanta University Center which consists of 5 colleges or universities. That means that there are many different people to meet and programs to get involved in both on and off campus. Students who prefer a safe, gated community and easy Metro access to downtown Atlanta would also enjoy Spelman.


Anyone who feels that they would enjoy the environment/ atmosphere.


The type of person that should attend Spelman College is anyone who is fully motivated and committed to changing the world around them for the better.


A woman who has goals and is determined to contribute to changing society should attend Spelman College. A woman who wants to understand the obligation you have to society and how giving back is the only way to progress. A woman who is eager to learn, discover and strive academically change should attend Spelman College. You will enter Spelman College as a motivated young girl and leave as a woman with a strong foundation of who you are and where you want to be. Anyone who wants to learn the fundamental to make a change should attend Spelman College.


Someone that is focused and knows what they expect out of life.


Open Minded, Strong Willed, Active


The kind of person that is ready to work hard, learn. Spelman pushes you and show you how much you can really handle. You have to be strong minded and just be yourself there is no need to change who you are has a person, you will be accepted. Just be ready to work and learn.


I believe any woman who is serious about her future, wants to find out who she is and wishes to achieve her greatest potential should attend this school.


A person who is determined and driven and hard-working. A person who is willing to work in groups.


I believe that all women would be welcome at Spelman College. A woman that interested in liberal arts and about service. Spelman College has a lot of traditions and prepare women to be dynamic and change the world in some way.


A person that is driven, needs one on one time with professors, and is seeking strong sisterly bonds


The type of person that should attend this school is a woman who wants to be surrounded by women who are willing to change the world. She needs to be driven, intelligent, well-rounded, fond of a small student to teacher ratio, able to network, positive, and grounded. If she does not posess these qualities already, the students and staff around her will help her to be this way. She should want to be a dynamic woman, a show stopper and successful with whatever endeavours she may encounter.


A person that is open to new things and also open to diversity. A person who is ready to work hard in order to achieve academic excellence. A person who is willing to devote extratime into on campus activities sch as clubs and commuity service.


Spelman College is an institute for determined, head-strong, and motivated young women that are driven to better the world one step at a time. At Spelman College, you walk in as a young lady and leave as a successful SPELMAN women.


Individuals who are dedicated to community service and have a purpose for their life. Someone who is unique and passionate about something because this school allows you to take that passion and make a difference with it.


Any person interested in sisterhood.


A strong African American female that does not get intimidated.


An open minded woman. A free thinking woman who is interested in learning not only about who she is in relation to her community and world, but also what she can and will do to become an agent of positive social change.