Spelman College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are lazy, closed-minded, or ambitionless, should not attend Spelman. Also, people that are not community oriented, should not attend.


Do not attend Spelman College if you are not prepared to fit outside the mold of a "Spelman Woman". That may sound strange, but part of the journey in college is finding out who you really are. You can't allow yourself to be concerned with the fact that you may not be exactly what the dean says you should be. Everyone has their own path and their own timing. Strive to be your own woman, and when you reach that point, who can really tell you if you're a "Spelman Woman" or not?


Students who just want to go to class and pass a class without understanding the meaning of everything.


Students who aren't looking for a close knit family type environment shouldn't attend Spelman. Spelman is a small campus with small class sizes so it is as if everyone knows everyone on campus.


Someone should not attend Spelman if they arent serious about getting their degree. Spelman above all puts academics as their number one priority. It is okay to go out and have fun, but at the end of the day if you are not getting your work done, no one will take you seriously. You also shouldnt attend this school if you arent ready to embrace the Spelman sisterhood, because it runs deep at this college. Not embracing the Spelman sisterhood, would greatly diminish your experince at Spelman.


A person who is not dedicated to working hard should not attend. A person who is not goal oriented and is easily influenced by environmental factors should not attend this school.


Spelman College is not for everyone. This school is not for someone who does not want to grow personally, socially, professionally, or academically. This school is not for someone who does not want to get out fo their comfort zone in order to succeed. This school is not for someone who does not have an open mind . This school is not for someone who does not want to work hard for all of their rewards.


Someone who is not open-minded should not attend Spelman College. Spelman is a campus filled with endless opportunity, so someone looking to avoid growth and opportunities should definately steer clear of Spelman!


A person who is lazy, who perfers co-ed, doest enjoys HBCU's majority African Americans, and a small campus


I don't believe any person shouldn't attend Spelman, it is a wonderful institution and I believe anyone who is given the opportunity should take full advantage and attend. Besides it being an all female school, I would say clearly males cannot attend, but Morehouse is always right next door.


A person who does not want to be in a intellectual community and be challenged academically should not attend my school.


A student who is not driven, focused, community service oriented, or planning on being the change the world needs to see should not attend this school. You must be open- minded and believe that you are a powerful woman who knows she deserves a place in this male dominated world. If you are not big on sisterhood, bettering the community around you, tradition, or showing that you can be a woman and still be powerful/intellegent yet graceful and humble you should not attend this school.


A type of person that shouldn't attend Spelman College is a person that is not hardworking, does not enjoy giving back and serving the community, to be prepared to become a leader, and to build long lasting relationships between peers and faculty.


A person who is weak minded or has no opinion. A person who does not keep up with recent news. A person who can not afford it, it is a very expensive school.




You should not come to this school if: you are not focused on learning, if you do not desire to be engaged in varied actitivities, if you are lazy or not willing to work hard, if you are not responsible, if you do not care to succeed and if you do not want the opportunity to change the world.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school is a closed-minded individual because although it is a black liberal arts college for women it is very diverse. Also, a lazy person should not attend this school because you have to work hard to be successful here. A person who is not interested in making a positive social change or giving back to the community should not attend this school because these are Spelman's main objectives.


Someone who is not open minded, you meet all sorts of people at this school. People who are from different countries and people who are of a variety of different races. Someone who doesn't want to go to an all girl school, it may be an all girl school but there is an all boy school next to it and there are a lot of programs that we all do together.


Spelman is a private, all-female, and predominantly African American college with rich traditions. In addition, it has a reputation for high levels of commitments to academics and service. I think that any young woman can attend Spelman as long as she is prepared to prevail despite the rigorous curriculum and possible gender and race differences constructed by society all while emboding the mental characteristics of a free-thinking Spelman woman.




Spelman College is a school for women who want to become the best they can be. If you are a young lady who just wants to go to college, party every night, and simply pass your classes, Spelman is not the place for you. Spelman is a place for driven, determined young women.


Well it is an all girls instintution so that eliminates the guys. Someone who does not want to achieve great things in life and be well recognize for it should not attend Spelman.


Spelman is an all woman's college in addition to being an HBCU. Those who are bright and motivated should attend the College.


Someone who lacks patience, and cannot handle the basic truths of life, things won't always go your way but you have to push sometimes and maybe they will.


A person that does not care about their education or about bettering themselves should not attend this school.


Anyone who is not ready to commit their full time and dedicate long hours to their future should not attend Spelman College. People who do not like excitement and tradition, and a strong network of sisterhood should not atend this institution. Spelman College is an amazing place to plan a future which requires tenacity and determination. If someone does not possess these characteristics, then they should not attend Spelman College.


Spelman is a very traditional school so for students who don't like to follow rules and learn cultures and history of their school.l This is not the school for them.


The person who attends this school should be a strong, independnet young lady, not afraid to take challenges. A person who is willing to study hard and excel.


This school is one keeps everyone together just by its name. A person that does not like to be around very energetic and caring people shoul not attend this school. The upperclass students are even nice to the first-year students and make Spelman a very comfortable environment. Spelman holds a very sisterly bond, and someon who would not want to be very close with other people should not attend.


People who aren't sure of their career paths.


Someone looking for a large student body.


Spelman College is a great institute for a diverse group of young ladies. I would say that a male shouldn't apply, considering this is an all girls college.


Spelman is a dry campus, so students who like to drink at campus parties or for leisure in their dorm, may not enjoy Spelman. Spelman is also a Historically Black College, so even though there is cultural diversity, those who prefer more racial diversity should not attend Spelman. Students who are interested in water or snow sports will not enjoy this land-locked school located in the historic West End of Atlanta where the temperature can reach up to 90 degrees. Spelman is also an all women's college. Women who prefer more gender diversity should not attend Spelman.


Male, or man identified women


A open-minded individual, one who wants to give back to her world. One who is willing to accept the challenges of attending a all women's college in which everyone was just as leader oriented, and just as smart as you! Someone who is not going to fight the experience, and is willing to grow as well as become what one can identify as "A Spelman Woman". A person should attend this school who wants to achieve in life and willing to put in the effort to do well.


One that is not free spirited or open to new ideas. One that is more technical rather than liberal and artistic. One who doesn't like a small college environment and one who doesn't want to be around females 24/7.


Free Spirit


An unfocused person


A man


Spelman College is an all women's college first and foremost. It is not a co-educational community on campus and it is very small. It's setting is in a very urban neighborhood. So if one does now like these facts I believe they will not enjoy Spelman College


Caucasian Males


There is no person that should not attend Spelman College. I believe that all people are welcome and they will be welcome as a sister of Spelman College. The only person that shouldn't attend is a male because Spelman is an all female institution.


Spelman College is a place of acedemic success. If one wants to engage in the best liberal arts education, this is the place for them. Spelman graduates over 90% of its studnets. We are women who will change the world. Therefore, a student who is smart and a true person who gives back to her community should attend this institution.


if you are not open minded


A person prefering a large variety of ethnic backgrounds, music, and ideas in general should not attend Spelman College. If you do not regard tradition, female empowerment, and community service important then Spelman is not for you.




A kind of person that shouldn't attend this school are females who do not care about volunteering or helping others and people who don't care about social responsibility.


A close-minded person should not attend this school.