Spelman College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating aspect about my school is the lack of financial aid. My college is extremely espensive and I want more than anything to graduate from here but I dont know if I will be able to due to the cost and lack of scholarships and financial aid given out.


The most frustrating thing about Spelman college is the over workload they assign to students. However, it helps us prepare for our intended careers.


For me I thought it was going to be a huge transition to attend an all-girls school. I made a lot of friends over the summer but sometimes when people get to college, they realize they have to find themselves. They change and that's okay. You might change and that's okay. College is all about extended growth. Sometimes you outgrow people, and that's frustrating sometimes. It happens a lot where you meet someone you would have never talked to and end up becoming really great friends. Don't judge off first-hand.


The most frustrating thing about my school is being able to adjust to different aspects that I am surrounded by and am forced to adjust to, such as the many different teaching styles of the professors, the unique grading scale, the cost of attending Spelman College, and the living arrangements. However, I am forever grateful for the opportunity of attending this illustrious college. I am able to tolerate and adjust to all of the things that frustrate me because I realize that in life, not all things will go the way I expect them.


The cost of attendence has to be the most frustrating thing. You can work hard and get good grades, but you still may not be offered a scholarship. The overall cost of attendence can cause stress each semester when you are trying to get ready and pay for the next semester.


The most frustrating things are the dorms and the food. The dorms are not up to par with the times and the food is not that great. If I am spending 40000 a year on something, I should be able to get my money's worth.


There's nothing frustrating about my school in my opinion but something that can be difficult to students in there first year of college is the amount of work you have to do in little time compared to high school. You really have to manage your time wisely in college.


The most frustating thing about my school is the long cafeteria lines.


The classes here are very challenging, and will be the most frustrating thing on campus. Professors expect you to challenge yourselves and be up for the challenge they present.


The most frustrating thing about my school is their unorganization, the lack air in my dorm for two years straight, and the strong atmosphere of unusual lifesyles.


The most frustrating thikng about Spelman College would have to be the required courses that are need for general education but do not pertain to your major whatsoever. Some just seem competely unnecessary but are required to graduate.


The most frustrating thing about Spelman is that so many wonderful students attend and want to attend, but the school isn't able to offer superior finacial aid awards like some of the major schools. This leads to students either taking out student loans to compensate for their lack of funds, or some students choosing not to attend, and Spelman losing out on stellar students.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that we still have a 'curfew'. I believe we do because it is a private institution and it is a gated in school. The boys have to be off campus by midnight and no later than that.


The most frustrating thing about Spelman is that you are expected to do so much work in such a small period of time, which makes it hard to balance a socail life.


I believe the most fustrating thing about Spelman is the workload and learning how to manage time in order to get the workload completed. Since Spelman is known for being a fist-rate historically black college, the staff tend to hold students at a very high level, which means the workload can be heavy and the standards are high. When a person is in college, it can be hard to balance a social life and school work, which makes Spelman's amount of work and expectations kind of fustrating for me, a college freshman.


Spelman does not give a lot of scholarships so you either have to get outside scholarships, struggle financially, or have to drop out if you do not have the money and cannot get loans. Some of our students had to go through that because if we're paying $40,000 per year and not getting financial aid from the school, how would it be possible to stay?


The rules because of it being a private school. Its not as independent as one would expect college to be


The most frustrating thing about my school is the freshman dorms. They could use some progress.


The most frustrating thing about Spelman was the sorority life. I hated seeing women degrade and humiliate themselves to become apart of an organization that was supposedly based on community, leadership, scholarship, and sisterhood.


The most frustrating thing is waiting in the long lines if you forgot to do something, and not keeping track of your account records as far as financial aid. There are so many things you have to set up during New Student Orientation week and you have to make sure that all of your financial aid is paid up for the year. There is no one reminding you to do anything and if you wait until the last minute you will end up in a long line that will drive you absolutely crazy!


The most frustrating thing is finding money to pay for tuition. Coming to Spelman you already know it is expensive but it is well worth it including the experience and academically, but sometimes finding aid is a drag. The good thing is, most of the students can relate to the hardships of paying for school and everyone is a support system for each other.


There isn't anything frustrated about Spelman College. The campus is peaceful, and you are out of harm's way due to the policemen and gates.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that my records and transcript were misplaced when I first started. That was so frustrating because I could not start classes and they were hassling me to get them in as soon as possible. Therefore, I had to go back to my high school and wait in my old counselor's office to get my transcript. Although, I had the run around it payed off in the end because I absolutely love the school I am attending.


The most frustrating thing about Spelman is the lack of financial aid/help.


THE WOMEN!!!! Why can't I attend MOREHOUSE!!!!!????!!!!!!


The most frustrating thing about my school would be the lack of good food. The cafe at Spelman College is decent, however, it lacks providing a more variety of foods that is desirable for the students. Maybe , if Spelman were to receive more funds, then our cafe would be able to serve a more variety of quality foods.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be financial aid. The counselors are wonderful and are very helpful but sometime the figures and finding ways to come up with the money can be frustrating especially in current economic time when everyone is going to school and no one is accepting applications for loans


The most frustrating thing about my school is signing up for classes every semester.


The school hardly offers in school scholarships.


Spelman College is a great school, but the most frustrating thing is the lack of financial aid available to students. You receive an excellent education, but it will cost you. As they say, "You have to spend money, to make money." Spelman College is a private institution so many state scholarships do not apply. Even though I have spent a great deal of money over the passed three years, I do believe I am receiving a great education as well as experience.


The finanacial aspect not being able to afford school and being afraid i will have to leave.


We don't recieve nearly enough financial aid. In comparison to other schools with like environments, the students at Spelman College pay alot more. And without alot of support of our alumnae, the amount of money available for scholarships hasn't increased in years. Unfortunately this is often true at historically black colleges, but it doesn't mean it cannot be changed!


The bureaucracy of the president's administration. Only one person can handle the very important things on campus. Sometimes it can take days for anyone to respond to any inquiries. The Dean of Undergraduate Studies handles everything that's academically based (Domestic Exchange and other programs). However, it is hard to reach her in case a person want to get extra help because she is a professor as well. Also, she attens many social events and its seems as though she does not focus on the students that often. However, she does focus on the senior class each year.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that the tuition is so high that it is difficult for students to remain students for four years. With the way that our economy is today it will become harder for students at my institution to find lenders; so there will be even less students that are able to return to school next year.


Something that was once most frustrating to me upon my entry to Spelman College was that I was unallowed to face the world as an individual- instead I was urged to walk with my peers into a more enlightened future. As an only child, use to the independence and solitude of my livelihood, teamwork didn't come easily to me. Now, however, I have found teamwork has made me an even stronger student and individual, one better equiped to help my local and global community to the best of my abilities by listening and utilizing the knowledge of others.


Very low tolerance for missing class.


It's very fast paced and there are alot of politics in the SGA and Greek life.


The most frustrating thing about my school is constantly hassling financial aid for financial aid and then following up with them to make sure you get it and its correct.