Spelman College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the loving atmosphere. Every staff member provides guidance and support. Spelman College also provides alot of resources for its students to reach their career goals. The institution prides itself on producing powerful leaders and gives the necessary tools such as career workshops and networking events to assist its students.


The best thing about my school is the Women's Center. This is where I have grown and have decided what career I want to get in.


How small Spelman College is the best thing about it. It allows you to have a relationship with your professors and the other students. It also allows you to fouce more without the distractions.


The best thing about my school is its emphasis on being able to engage in global issues and intellectual discussion while allowing students to explore themselves through various outlets. My school provides a liberal arts education in which students are required to explore not only the sciences, english, and math, but also fine arts, humanities, women and international studies, and social sciences. In this manner, we are able to discover profound knowledge and are able to voice ourselves in discussions that do not concern our main field of study.


The best thing about Spelman College is the community. Since our campus is so small it is very close knit. I have developed a great relationship with my teachers and the administrators here because of the size of our campus. I have been able to create a great bond with my peers as well because our classroom size is usually small compared to an average college or university . As a result of the small class size, the teachers are able to know each of their students individually, and I think that's one of the things that's unique.


I chose to surround myself in black excellence through education, prosperity, and self-determination. While PWI's are amazing and have awesome opportunities, I truly believe that an HBCU gives black students an experience unlike any other. For one to be virtually completely immersed in their own culture while simultaneously learning, is something that cannot be given by a PWI. Ultimately I made my parents understand that my desire to learn in an environment that promotes my inner self, to be taught by people who look like me, to learn alongside people who look like me, was invaluable and necessary.


I feel that the best thing about my school is that they care about who we are and what we are going to become. I feel this way because they always have so many oppurtunites for us that will help us to become successful. They also help us appreciate and value who we are as African American women.


I think the best thing about my school is the sisterhood and the challenge to strive to be the best that you can be and learn how to become a successful, free thinking woman.


The best thing about Spelman College is the encouragement and unity amongst the student body along with the helpful faculty and resources available to students. Students are friendly, focused, and professional and collectively come together for celebrations and to fights social issues. There is an unbreakable bond and respect among Spelman College students. The faculty puts forth full effort to assist students with their needs. From financial aid to career development to studying abroad to housing, you name it, Spelman College provides students with countless resources for them to be successful.


The best thing about my school is that it has a great sisterhood and the education it provides. The sisterhood at Spelman College is amazing. The students take care and look out for one other. This connection between the students not only build a sisterhood, but long lasting friendships as well. The education that Spelman College provides not only help the students for college, but it also gives students life lessons along the way.


The history and the tradition.


The best thing about my school is the fact that everyone is diverse but similar at the same time. A school where empowering women that come from different backgrounds and walks of life come to learn become educated and become leaders in the world. We are all working toward being successful and influential black women, doing things no one expects us to do.


The best thing about my school is the size. My school is small so the class sizes are smaller and it is easier to have a relationship with my teachers. Even if you wake up late for class you can still be on time because the classes are only a short distance away. With the school being small it is easier to make friends because you basicaly forced to talk to people with the class size being small.


The best thing about Spelman College is the diverse opportunities provided to us. We are constatntly sent emails with various job, research, and internship opportunities. We also have career fairs and events where graduate school recruiters and job recruiters are in attendance. There is also an amazing career center on campus in which the faculty are more than willing to help. Spelman caters to every student to ensure their success after college, whether that be graduate school, work, or even the military.


I think the best thing about Spelman College is the sisterhood. Never in my life have I been around a group of Black women that were driven to be excellent in everything they do. This drive is not only individual as students work together in and out of the classroom to ensure that everyone gets the maximum out of every class. Women of Spelman also work together to improve the environment, as we are a service-based school determined to change the world with our experiences. My Spelman sisters inspire me everyday to be a better student and woman.


The best thing about this school is the positve aspects about learning from the African American experience. Also, on occasion you will gain friends that you can have for a life time.


The teaching style and content of the lectures are the best things about my school. We learn about things, especially historical events, from a different perspective that is not usually told during high school which somewhat complicates certain narratives. The teaching style is usually discussion based which allows others to share their views and opinions rather than just listening to the professor lecture.


The best thing about my school is the network and support community.


The staff is diverse and full of insight on topics they discuus. They give you a broad outlook on the topic howver, also influencing you to develop your own ideas and encouraging you to share your persepctive.


the tradition


The best thing I consider about Spelman is the educational experience. The realtionship between the students and professor is incredicble. Theyalway make sure that we retain and understand the imformation that is being given to us. They are very helpful when students do not understand somthing. Personally, my Intro to American Government Professor made my transition into college level education was a breeze. She made sure that I understood what was gong on in the classroom. She always said as a student, I am a refelction of her teaching and art. This is the idea many proffesors have as Spelman.


There is a strong sense of sisterhood and everyone is there to really empower themselves and their sisters.


The best thing about spelman is Spelbound. This is something that begins before you even start orientation. I became a part of the Spelman sisterhood during Spelbound, the weekend that all accepted students were invited to visit the campus. It was an amazing expirence. That weekend I got the chance to meet hundreds of other girls who were in the same position as me. I had the opportunity to live the dorm life and attend a few classes for my major. I think this is the best thing about my school because Spelbound is when I realized where I belong.


One of the best thing about Spelman College is the never ending opportunities that we students have at our disposal. With the goal of Spelman College of producing strong global citizens ready to take on the world, that goal is followed up with action. There is such a wide array of opportunities available to every Spelman student. It is also vertually impossible to not be an involved student. I feel that when I graduate, I will be ready to take on the world.


The best thing about Spelman College is that the teachers and administration care about you and want to see you succeed. Your classmates want to see you succeed and are always there for emotional and academic support when needed. Being a student of Spelman College, all female school, there is a relationship that we share with our neighboring school Morehouse College, all male school. The relationship is unlike any other, and in may cases, they become lifelong friends and are called our brothers. There is no place like Spelman College.


The best thing that is at Spelman College is that the school builds sisterhood amongst the motivated woman at the school. Sisterhood is the start of all relationships, I believe that this promotes each women to be benefically for each other. This is the best because all women are building each other up for success.


The community and the emphasis on success, because with out the community we students won't have the support we need to succeed in the way the school and the peopel in it want us to.


The best thing about my school would be the location. It is part of the largest consortium of Hitorically Black Colleges in the world. Located in Atlanta, GA, it is also a great place to look for after college employment opportunities, as well as a prime location of great networking.


The best thing about my school is the availibility of a student-teachr relationship. Teachers proivde their office hours and work with students toward becoming the best student possible.


Attending Spelman College makes me proud to be exactly who I am- a strong willed, beautiful, pround Black feminist. I don't believe there's a more nuturing environment in all the world for young women of African descent.


The best thing about our school is that it is a relatively small College, so the resources available here are easy to access, and in a matter of a semester I know almost everything I need to know about my College location and assistance wise. I love that my classes are a meer two minutes away from my dorm and that the professors are always available to assist me with any and everything. Generally, the best thing about Spelman is its high caliber curriculum and great networking oppurtunities.


Since Spelman is part of the Atlanta University Center, we have extremely strong ties with Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, which only increases the chances of meeting new people and making new connections with faculty and staff.


I consider the sisterhood the best thing about my school. The reason I consider sisterhood the best thing at my school because many students come into a school/institution without knowing anyone. At Spelman College the sisterhood teaches life-long lessons. It teaches lessons of respect, loyalty, and trust. Although everyone is not bound to get along, here at Spelman College you will meet and bond with close friends that you will most likely consider sisters. This sisterhood is a reassurance of support away from home.


A small private liberal arts institution that is dedicated to educating young women.


The best thing about my school is that it helps to prepare women who are destined for greatness by providing resources, opportunities, and sisterhood. When you step on the campus you can not help but see and feel the love that the students have for this great school; and you yourself can not help but want to experience the relationship for yourself.




The school tagline! A Choice to Change the World. We are are truly trying to give back to our communities as well as trying to change the world day by day. I love the pride that most people have that go to Spelman College. I love the liberal arts experience and the classes that we take that shape our minds intellectually. I love how we are told to challenge our teachers if we do not agree, and we are encouraged to ask why are we learning this, and what makes this author creditable enough fotr us to read.


I love that my school is different from most schools. It is an all girls, mainly african american school. I also love how beautiful our campus is.


One of the best things about Spelman is the social life is limitless. It is part of the Atlanta University Center, which includes Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University. Between these three institutions, there is so much to see and participate in.


The best thing about Spelman College is the sisterhood between the students .To enter Spelman College as an only child away from home and leave knowing you have a built a lifelong relationship with young woman there cannot be anything better than that. This is the best thing about Spelman College because it is encouraging to the students to know that they have a countless number of their fellow Spelman sisters to support and encourage them through the trials and tribulations that may arise during their life.


The most blatant benefit about my school is being taught by a staff that holds a Doctorate or a Masters in what they teach and bring that hands on learning, to the classroom. This helps the student better able to see through the eyes of one who has lived what the intellectual wants to accomplish.


The best thing about my school is the alumni spirit and involvement on campus. Also the strong spirit, history, and tradition. They remind us all where we came from and keep us focused as to where we can go.


I consider the networking at my school to be the best thing. At Spelman you have so many connections to the many different avenues that may spark interest to the many different students that attend there. There is absolutely no way that anyone could graduate without knowing or getting to know someone in their desired field or workplace.


The best thing about my school is the pride that the student have in attending the college. There is gret school spirit and everyone is passionate about bettering the school and the surrrounding community. The students are very involed in campus events due to th strong school pride also.


I love Spelman College because the falculty really care about the well being of the students. They try their hardest to see us succeed. Also,, the overall environment on campus. It is like a close knit family. We call it a sisterhood. Once you are a Spelman student you are apart of a sisterhood that continues on for the rest of your life with women from all over the world.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is it's encouragement and commitment to educate its students in courses and careers typically geared toward males ie. Engineering, Physics, Math, etc. I admire the care and concern the faculty and staff have for each and every one at our school. I love the spirit and comraderie of this school and of the students.


It nurtures African American Women by teaching them their history and encouraging them to pursue a boundless future.


The sisterhood is very strong at Spelman. When I got here I really felt like I was becoming a part of a huge family of women who hold eachother to very high standards.




The best thing about my school is the sisterhood. Because Spelman is an all female HBCU there is an extreme amount of support, despite how competetive it is.