Springfield Technical Community College Top Questions

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STCC compared to other schools has an upper hand. Granted it's not a 4 year Ivy league school, but then again it still offers exceptional education for a reasonable price. It offers an education for people who strive to achieve in the real world, but don't have credentials for a more demanding college. STCC helps students take baby steps and want to see you succeed, so they will work with you in making sure you do your very best.


The unique thing about my school is that it is a very clean and friendly campus. Almost, everyone is familiar with one another. Also, if someone is new to the school our school has what are Student Success leaders that are available to all in coming students who may need help at any time.


Springfield Technical Community College is very diversified and gives the feeling of being welcomed. The classes are fairly small and the teachers are capable of spending that extra one on one time with the students who need help with their course. I like S.T.C.C. better then the other colleges that I attended and I personally love its variety of courses and majors. For a fairly small school their are many options for a student who is undecided.


STCC allows you to take any classes you want, they offer many tutoring services and other services to help students suceed. One thing I find very unique, is that there are many adult students at STCC, many people returning to school, these adults are welcomed by teenage students, and everyone works together, makes friends and study groups regardless of their age.


What's unique about my school compared to other schools is that, the professors are just as enthusiastic about engineering as the students are.