Stanford University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who are outgoing and ambition, but also enjoy having fun. The school definitely seems to be a better place for extroverted people who are willing to put themselves out their and show inititative.


People who enter the school should come in with an open mind, a cheerful spirit, and a curious attitude. Students are consistently encouraged to pursue a liberal education. In other words, try out that Physics class. Take French cooking, too. Don't forget to add in Creative Writing. Don't be afraid to explore and take classes that you love or are genuinely interested in.


With the incredible amount of ethnic, culture, religious, and socioeconomic diversity that Stanford achieves it is difficult to define the average Stanford student, or suggest what kind of student should go here. That being said, with the convergence of so many different backgrounds, students that flourish at this university are those that are open to offering their diverse thoughts while respecting the opinions and experiences that have shaped their peers. Additional typical qualities of Stanford students are those that are determined, innovative, social justice-oriented, committed, and unafraid to venture beyond their comfort zone.


Open-minded, involved, driven, intelligent, passionate, caring, service-oriented


Stanford is truly for anyone. The institution isn't set in its ways, and it is always growing and changing to accept, welcome, and encourage the student body. Regardless of one's ethnic background, religion, sexuality, or whatever may set one apart, one can attend any group's events, work with whomever one pleases, and be fiercely individual as long as one's heart is in it. That's what a true Stanford student needs: heart. As long as you have a passion for something and you're ready for new experiences, Stanford will welcome you with open arms.


Liberal, motivated, excited, intelligent, spunky, interesting, accepting, fun


Someone who is unique in their environment


Attend this school if you are ready to make use of its professional resources, need a crash course in how to live well on other peoples' money, or just want to make sure the weather is always sunny and not too cold.


An open-minded, positive, cool person who is outgoing should attend Stanford!


someone who is smart and curious. someone with the drive to learn more about our world.


Someone who is very driven and loves to work in a diverse environment with the leading minds of this world.


Smart, creative, ambitious, athletic, humorous, hard-working people with an unbridled enthusaiasm for life.


Anyone who is interested in learning a lot on their own and greatly enjoys problem solving.


A person who is really relaxed, but also does a lot of work when they have to. Someone who's willing to take their education in their own hands and figure out exactly what they want to do in life, whatever that is. Someone who's not intimidated to be surrounded by kids who may or may not be far wealthier and privileged. Someone who can't be easily intimidated; someone who can adapt to different situations without missing a beat-- formal, informal, binge drinking, wine tasting, dress to the nines, sunbathe on the grass in a bikini.


A Stanford student is an entrepreneur, a go-getter. You should come here if you like to apply your smarts to the real world, and if you want a school that will be flexible and that is eager to support you in whatever you do. Stanford students are only competitive with themselves. Everyone collaborates, and no one will ever turn you down if you ask for help. Really, anyone who has the academic drive should attend Stanford, simply because everyone is accepted here. On any given Saturday night, you can find everything from a frat party to a Scrabble game.


The bright, the best, and the fun-loving.


A laid-back, intelligent person who works hard & plays hard.