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Stevens, although some students may dislike it at first because it is overwhelming, is a good investment. This school is very career oriented and makes you the most professional individual you can be. We have so many resources provided for us, especially since we are a small school. Especially being right by the city, which is one of the main reasons I decided to attend school here. I'm also part of professional engineering societies and going to conferences for these societies is always beneficial; I even got a job offer from the last one I went to. Stevens graduates do better (salary wise) actually than most everyone else. The average STARTING salary for a grad is $60,000. Not bad, right? So if you want to be a BALLER, make your investment at Stevens :) Also, we're literally RIGHT by the can see the skyline of New York from our campus, and it's beautiful at night. Lots of people like going to the city to hang out, it's perfect having it so close. Hoboken is also a great place, perfect for college students. There's alllll types of restaurants and things to explore in Hoboken. There are a few unusual things about Stevens, one of them being a weird person dressed in a Batman costume frequenting the campus!

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Stevens campus life is rarely boring either because you're doing work, or are partying in Hoboken or NYC, it is much more for than it first appears, trust me I thought I'd hate the social life here after partying a lot in high school. But the work is hard, very hard, don't expect to be able to half-ass you're way through it.

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