Stevens Institute of Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


That there are very few girls at this school.


I'm interested in many areas of study but so far I have had to focus on core courses and can't have been unable to take courses in other programs.


It can be a lot of work and times and very demanding academically.


For people who take 20 credits and above, which is a majority, sometiems it feels so overwhelming, b/c you have so much work to do, however, if you manage your time properly you can do that plus have extra for sports, volunteering, chorus/band/play production, or join any other club :)


Professors are often hard to reach. Do not always respond to emails in a timely manner. Curriculum can be challenging at times, especially around finals.


As a very active student, it is frustrating to hear complaints from fellow students about the school when they are not involved. It is difficult to listen to others barrage the work you dedicate so much time and effort to, especially when they do not make an effort to help themselves.


The most frustrating thing about my school would have to be the Honor Code System, where every student promises not to cheat during a test. It has ended up becoming a joke, with most students not respecting it!


Everyone is intelligent at Stevens, so study groups & cheating rings are very common. The curves in classes benefit those who cheat. You're basically cheating YOURSELF if you don't cheat because you won't do as well as those who do.


The ultra conservatism on campus. It is so far right that the president refers to global warming as a "theory." I'm suprised theres not more bible thumping lunatics running around. That is not to imply that there arent any.


Teachers do not teach and expect the students to learn too much on their own