SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I have to drive for 40 min to be there and the schedule not met with my two majors the most of the classes that are requierd all on the same time


My school does not have a good pre-med course for students who want to be in the medical field. A few people attend events which makes them unexciting.


The weather and the slowness of the employees to create a walking path when it snows.


I would have to say that the parking is the worst thing about the College at Brockport. The school itself is wonderful, but the parking can be very far away, and many times, there isn't a single spot left to park, making me late to class on the occassion when I am running late from my job.


I think the wost thing about Brockport is the parking, a pass costs over $100 andthere is still no place to park


i think that fact that stayong on campus during freshmen year is compulsory is what i dont like about brockport


Parking. Too many students, not enough spaces and the lots aren't well maintained. (It is NY, and the snow isn't exactly kind to the parking lots)


The worst thing is probably the parking. The parking here is really bad, there's never enough spots for commuters or even for on campus kids. And the spots that are open, are really far away.


The worst thing about Suny Brockport is the teacher per student ratio in some classes. For the most part the classes are the appropraite size for instance, 40-50 students per teacher. However, there are some classes that I wish I had more communication with the teacher and they knew my name.


There isn't much going on in the town outside of campus. Rochester is very close so you can always go there and buffalo isn't too far away either, but as for right in the town of Brockport there's not too much other than a bowling alley and food places and grocery stores. However there is plenty to do on campus to keep you busy and having fun.


The worst thing about my school is the surrounding area. Although the town just off campus is like a small town, there are not many places for students to leave campus and visit. There are a line of stores and a single screen movie theater within walking distance of the campus.


The drinking. There is way too much of it.


The worst thing that I had to deal with is the Scholarship Office. I feel that they answer questions poorly and misinform people. Last year, I had a scholarship that was worth less than the promised amount. I was then told, without this ever being mentioned as a possibility, that it was because it hadn't done well on the bonds market. I was also sent a letter saying that I had to take another course to keep my Deans in residence scholarship. After taking a class for most of the semester I found out this wasn't the case.


I wish that it was not so expensive. It is a good school but hard to afford for people, i get financial aid and i still can not afford it on my own, and my parents can not afford it either. So i wish it was not so expensive. I also think there could be more faculty, some people do nto finish their majors on time due to not getting into certain classes because there weren't enough teachers.


Like many colleges it's alwasy under construction. But I suppose thats good because it mean's we're upgrading and getting nicer facilities... but i'd ratehr not be displaced from a building i like because they're doing work on it.


Brockport hates Greek life here because of loud parties.


The weather is the worst part. It is western New York, what else can you expect from this place.


Jocks and sluts


The worst thing about this school is the dorm rooms, and even those are not too bad, they could definately use some improvements though, especially in size. And i know that the school is making its way through each of the buildings to renovate and upgrade them so hopefully there will be no problems at all within the next few years.


While not the worst thing, it would beneficial to the school culture and envirionment if it were more culturally diverse in regard to student and staff demographics or population as well as its course curriculum.