SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

What should every freshman at SUNY College at Brockport know before they start?


Don't go to Skyzone and break your ankle.


my be it will be perfect for me -as busy mom for four children- to choose the nearest college to my house to be able to start the early classes at 8:00 am an the most important classes start early or at the evening which impossible for me.


Knowing what I know now, I would tell my “senior self” a lot of informative information. The first and foremost thing I would let myself know is that college fly’s by rather quickly. Enjoying every moment on being on your own, living with friends, and having fun is quite important. But, also understanding and realizing that what you do here in college will stick with you for the rest of your life. Making as many connections as possible will only increase your chances on being successful in your specific field of study. Make connections with not just students, but professors as well, will also enhance your chances of getting the job you would like to get post graduation. Also, understanding and knowing that your school work is more then important, grades can make or break your future. Maybe, you want to go to graduate school, maybe you don’t, or maybe you just don’t know. But, graduate schools look heavily on your GPA and your resumes. So weather you want to go to graduate school, or not, these two objects are important just in case you decide to change your mind.


My advice would be to save, save, save. I live on my own due to unforseen circumstances and what I would give to have a little bit in my savings. My other advice would be to apply for as many scholarships as I could possibly find. There are so many out there but that wasn't how I wanted to spend my time as a senior. Now I wish I had. So many times I find a scholarship and the requirement is to be a graduating senior. If only I could go back in time and force the younger me to fill those out when I had the chance. Then again maybe I wouldn't be applying for this scholarship now. Who knows. Anyway, the bottom line is if you save up and apply for what is basically free money now, you wouldn't have had to drop out of school for a year and work your butt off to go back later.


If the “Ghost of My Future Self” visited, she’d say – I am what happens when you skip college. I had a rough life, ran away, won emancipation in court, and finished high school on my own. I didn’t have anyone to tell me about college, dorms, aid or loans. Instead, I worked three jobs to have an almost empty apartment with matching almost empty cupboards. Thirteen years later, I still struggle. I’m not qualified to make more until I finish my degree. I work two jobs and go to school part-time. I can’t afford to work less to take more classes, so I can’t get done faster. The longer I’m in school, the more it costs in student loans and capitalized interest. I’ve missed out on years of earning potential. I have a 4.0 GPA but have not received any scholarships. There isn’t much around for nontraditional students. I’ve missed out on a lot, like making friends; never married or had children. I’ve had so much stress. I even had a heart attack (seriously). Listen to your “future self”: Stick with college. It will change your life.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say that college is precisely what you make of it. If you want to make friends and get involved with the campus, join clubs, sports, or organizations. After high school, the work load only gets increasingly tougher. It won’t be easy and at times, you’ll feel overwhelmed to the point where you just want to give up, but you’ll never catch your dreams if you don’t chase them. As far as making the transition to college, keep your friends close, but your family even closer. Your family will be your biggest supporters in all that you do. They will be your motivators to keep you going, and your sense of securement because you will always have a place to call home.


If I could go back to high school, I would strive my best to read and write a lot so that it would be easier for me in college. As a person, I have learned to grow as an adult in my first year in college. Although I missed a lot of skills like reading, writing, researching, and leadership in high school, it was my responsibility to learn all these to make my college life different than my high school life. If I could go back, I would let myself be disciplined and take responsibilities as the oldest in the family in order for my siblings to learn and profit from my good habits. Discipline and responsiblity taking are very crucial to the development and the success of every student. This is what I would recommend to myself in high school.


If I could go back in time, the main advice I would give to myself is to relax. College is completely different from high school, or anything you have ever experienced, but it's not what you are expecting at all. Everyone is feeling the same thing; nervous, excited, homesick, and scared. So don't get too overwhelmed by all of the information you get when you arrive, or all the advice and horror stories other students will tell you. The college experience is different for everyone, and it has a different meaning for everyone. You will figure it out, but it will take time. You will make mistakes, but learn from them and don't let them hold you back. Be open minded, and try new things because this is your time. This is your time to be selfish. Do the things that you want to do; join the club, or take that class. You will meet some awesome people along the way, so keep in touch. Stay focused, stay adventurous, be happy and shine bright!


In High School everything is announced, schedualed and posted. Things are easy to find and teachers are always willing to help. When i came to college, I became overwhelmed. Keeping hw, events and classes organized is hard. Teachers are never in thier classrooms or one given office. Events are something you have to go looking for, they arn't announced and posted on a single bulletin board. If i had known how difficult it was going to be to keep track of everything i would have come to college more prepaired. Now i have an agenda i keep with me that i record HW, work and test dates. I keep a calender on my wall that keeps track of events and upcomming activities. When i get home i compare the agenda to the calendar and make sure i have time to get things done. Also be sure to keep checkng your student mail and school website. Alot of good opportunities can be missed by simply not keeping up on your emails.


I would tell myself to not declare a major before heading into college unless I was completely positive. I would of taken a lot more niagara university senior term enrichment classes to knock out general education classes. Do not be afraid to try new things and meet new people, break out of your shyness.