SUNY College at Brockport Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school so far is that they offered the classes I needed at night. I am taking Accounting classes and they also offer an MS in Forensic Accounting program that is also held at night. And it is much cheaper than other schools.


The school is surrounded by a cool place; very quiet and has a good environment. Students in my school are calm and intelligent. Professors and counselors, and the non-teaching staff are very friendly and they are willing to serve students to reach their career goals.


The best thing about Brockport is their student body. The school has a great diversity in their student population. There are all kinds of students that attend this school and these students are not only friendly, but there are very helpful in assisting you with your studies or other things you may need to be done. You are never alone, and there will always be someone to lend you a helping hand. When the school puts you in a dorm room, they assist you with a roommate that has similar likes and motivation.


The best thing about my school is it's small size. That makes it great for students to become better friends and feel more like a community while also making it easier for students to develop relationships with their professors. Also, the small campus size is set up in a long line so that it takes a maximum of 20 minutes, during the winter time, to get to any building.


The food at the dining halls


The people at the College at Brockport are so helpful, kind, and friendly. This is great especially for freshman who have tons of questions and need help with almost everything when it comes to adapting to college life. Transfer students are the same way. But even I, who has attended this college for 2 years needs information. Any person I know that can help with whatever, is always willing to do so.


The President of the College has been working hard and doing an amazing job of elevating the standards at this school, both academically and socially. The improvements this College has made of the few years that he has been here are second to none.


small class sizes and small campus


The best thing about the school is meeting students that you can really connect with.


Extra-curricular opportunities because they get you really involved!