SUNY College at Old Westbury Top Questions

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Something unique about my school is that we have Fridays off; there are no classes at all. There are also no classes during 12pm and 1pm. That is known as common hour where everyone eats lunch and goes to their clubs.


The building structure/archtecture is kind of neat especially if you are a person who likes to do parkour.


Very diverse, very accepting, and a very accomadating student body.


I believe that the small classes Suny Old Westbury uses are wonderful. They allow for one-on-one interaction with the professors, and the professors are able to get to know their students and vice versa. The small classes also pave the way for class discussions and participation from most people. Most of the time, the professors encourage students to be involved in class discussions in order to create a more interesting and diverse learning environment.


When choosing Old Westbury for my transfer college, two major things popped into my head. One is the location. It is close to where I live and close to where I work. And two, well the tuition is affordable, for the most part. Well it is a State College, and that makes a huge difference when comparing tuition for any private college.


When I begun to research schools I came across Old Westbury. One of the main things that i was looking for in my school was an active greek life. My school has over 14 greek organizations and they are all very active on campus. The organizations hosts events individually and also building relationships and networking by working together to boost the campus life.


It is a work in progress, if you can survive Old Westbury it will be prepare you to be tought and to fight for what you want. When you are there you are complaining the whole time but things are slowly getting better.