SUNY Polytechnic Institute Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about SUNY Polytechnic Institute?


I have never had to share a dorm room with anyone because of the suite style dorms. Also, Friday classes are very rare here and most people can easily avoid them their entire college career.


I tend to brag about being accepted because it is not the easiest school to get into. Also, I like to tell them how much less I have to pay compared to their private school tuition prices. SUNY Institute of Technology has been my favorite school that I have attended so far because they people who work there try to help you in any way that they possibly can. I know at some schools the just do not care about their students needs as much as my school does.


My classes are completely online which makes it possible for me to get the degree I want from a school that is across the state from where I live and allows me to take classes on my time table.


I would brag most about the dormitories as well as the new building projects that were just started.


The atmosphere feels like home, everyone is ready to help eachother out. The athletic department on campus is more then willing to help their athletes out if they are having any problems in or out of the classroom. The dorms are apartment style , so they are very open but very personable at the same time. I have my own space!