SUNY Westchester Community College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The atmosphere at WCC is very oppressive and I am generally unhappy being there.


The best thing about WCC is that it gives you a reality check of getting your priorities straight, you need to stay on top of your deadlines because no one is going to babysit you, especially when it comes to registration time. The size of the school is just right to me except for the parking lots that's one thing I would change. I spend most of my time in the library and the science building because I'm majoring in nursing. The schools administration could use some help they're not very helpful sometimes and it can be quite time consuming to meet with someone but this is a normal at any college as I have heard from a few of my friends who go to other colleges. When I tell people I go to WCC they usually say that's a great school especially if your not sure what you want to do. You can get a great education for a great price and take your time.