SUNY Westchester Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at SUNY Westchester Community College know before they start?


I did not look into many schools as I should have. I need to do more scholarships (like I am doing right now). Apply to as many as I can. Look for more schools than just SUNY. But keep doing the hard work I was doing.


Well, your life has definately not turned out the way you thought it would. After joining a sorority and losing your grandmother your studies begin to suffer. You meet the man of your dreams and marry him. Life can't be better you have two beautiful little girls and you quit your career to take care of them. Losing yourself along the way and your drive for life. Your husband decides that his girfriend is more important than his family and leaves. You are now in your 30's with nothing, but two little angels depending on you and a college degree, but no experience. Listen up girl!!! Take your time and study. Find something you love to do. Get internships and experience before you leave for the working world. Wait to get married. Never lose yourself in someone else. Never lose that great sense of curiousity that brought you to college. Go back to school and keep learning. Keep your mind sharp and your heart guarded. Love will come and marriage will to, but being true to yourself and expanding your knowledge base is the most important. Don't be scared things will work out if you work hard!


First, I would make sure all of my finances, aid for school, scholarship, book fees and paper work are put in order. Secondly, one have to discipline oneself and like a sport, condition yourself, mentally and emotionally. Thirdly, the 3 P's, prep, prepare, practice, Prep yourself the night before class, Prepare your school clothes, books and so forth the night before and practice like everyday is an examine day. You have to have patience and a good mind set, supportive family, friends, roommates and understanding people around you. Remember that college is a whole different atmosphere than high school. Your professor expect the best, no second hand work. Surround yourself with people that you can relate to and who you can identify with. Don't take on to heavy of a course load in the beginning, pace your workload. One last thing, seek out the extra help, get to know your couselor, academic advisor, dorm mother, resident advisor, classmate, and professors. Join some clubs, know your campus and it's surrounding, after all that will be your home away from home. Remember to take care of your body, physically, mentally, spiritually. Oh stay away from the credit card trap.


Dear Sara, It's your last year as a high schooler and slacking off isn't going to help you get ready for college. You need look and apply for scholarships early, apply for colleges, and keep your grades up. So maybe instead of taking a year off, you can go straight into college prepared and ready to become an Interpreter for those 2 different languages you want to learn. I took a year off because I wasn't prepared; I procrastinated. So take the time to get ready to go to college, or you'll end up bored at home, wishing to be in college with everyone else. Love, You


If i could go back and have chat with myself i would tell myself that college feels just like high school however more liberal and easy going, and tell myself that later on in life there might be some challeges in school and in life, but to ultimately stick to my dreams and goals. Also i would tell myself not to wait til the last minute to apply for college, and to look for scholarships and financial aid becuase it's easy to get money for college. And once in college, college life is a blast, but not to get too carried away there's still work to be done. Also that the transition from high school to colloge won't be hard nor scary. It will feel just like going to another class.


If I was able to go back in time to give myself the advice I know now in college, I would tell myself that it was ok to go to a community college because everyone starts somewhere if you tried hard enough. I would also tell myself that I was their to get an education and get everything I can to move foward and mange time. I would have also told myself people come and go but the thing you learn stick with you. Mistakes happen and you learn from that but this is a one time shot for me to be exactly who I want to be and what i always dreamed of.


College is very important !!!


I would tell myself that time waits for no one and to make the mose of every opportunity that I can. I would tell myself that things really do get better and that I can shoot for the stars and reach if but only I apply myself.


Antonette I want you to follow your heart. There will be alot of minor mistakes made but regret nothing. Take a few minutes out of your day to speak with your teacher/ guidance counslers. Ask as many questions as possible because there is always more to learn. Applying for help is the one of the best choices that you'll make, get all of the information that required of you together. There truly is nothing impossible and you dont have to do everything yourself, there are helpful people that you can rely on, to make your transition into college much smoother. You will eventually get used to the habbit of managing your time, so that its spent wisely. Although once under pressure you'll make it through, dont wait for extra burst of dedication to arise. Take it upon yourself to over achieve, push your limits at all times. Use that creativity that you possess to the best of your ability, it proves to be helpful as well as defining. It's ok to become apart of an organization, you cant always lead. At the end of the day you'll benefit from the work you put in now.


First, I would have a long conversation of such as giving myself advice about what my life would become if i continued to procrastinate with my college degree. Currently I have been in school for seven years and haven't not accomplished to obtain my associates degree or any other degree but obtain licenses to obtain work. Now I am at the age of 26, wished that I stayed focused in school and didn't waste all this time through out the years working one year, school the next. But stay in school until you finish then you can go to work and have a career and a good paying job after I obtained my degree. Since I am gettin older, currently school is my main priopority and looking to finish school by the end of 2011. With my degrees in Busines Administration Management and Occupational Studies in Mortuary Science.