Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish there was a place where you can recommend and see recommendations for the different professors.


I wish I had known what I wrote above. Quack professors just handed me assignment after assignment without teaching them. When I started to fail classes, the counselor at this school simply suspended me and refused to work with me. They were disrespectful and I realized that at the level to which my GPA had dropped, I had not options. I was stuck at Tarrant County College but unable to take any course to bring my GPA back up so I could leave. If I had known all this, I wouldn't have enrolled.


I wish I would've known that education is not a joke. It's about to be the end of July, meaning that all of my friends will begin to pack all of their school supplies to leave. Everyone is leaving while I, Jazmyn Davis, will be in the same spot for two more years. I will not let that bring me down. I have realized where I messed up throughout highschool, and now is my chance to redeem myself. I have four more years of school, and I plan on doing the best I can do!


The tuition fees


I wish I would have known how cheap it was from day 1 or else I would have attended TCC for my freshman year as well! Great school to get your basics taken care of.


I wish I had known that they do not offer any foreign language classes besides Spanish over the summer, as this will seriously affect my transfer plans for the fall.


I wished that I knew that you can check out textbooks from the library, rather than just buying them. The prices of college's textbooks are outrageous.


I wish I would have known that a college requires most of your time if you are a full time student. Also, it would have been nice to know that I would have had a son within the next two years. TCC is a great school and I have not been upset with any member of their faculty. I do however, wish I would have known more about Financial Aid and Scholarships.


I wish i knew my major! But i've come to the realization that it's alright that i just figured out what i want to do. So many of my friends went straight from high school into a four year university, and then backed out after a year, losing precious time (and credits that wouldn't transfer!) I did not want to rush through my associates degree due to the fact that i did not have a set degree plan in mind, and i am grateful now that i was wise enough to make that decision.


I wish I would of known how much money would be spent on supplies, some of the classes require equipment that is rather expensive.


Proper study habits is key in a successful college career. It is critical in graduating on time and leaves the student with less stress.


I knew this school when the first time I came to America because my friends studied in there. They told me that this school is good for me. Specially, it is a chance for students who want to make friends and study about the different cultures. My friends graduated this school last year and transfered to university. She got a good basic education from Tarrant County College so she studies very well her major now. Her major is business. Some friends have a great job after graduating this school. When I study here, I recognize that I am right.


I wish that I would it known how wonderful the staff was here at Tarrant County College because I was very afraid prior to start school thinking that I wasn't going to be successful. Which hold me from enrolling earlier.


I wish I had prepared more as far as staying focused and getting the exact classes that I needed in order to stay on course and finish sooner.