Tarrant County College District Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


My school has different location available for everyone to access. The teachers are high standard and are the best. You may choose what hours you want and can do as much as you can in little time.


The teachers are teaching there because they want to, not like professors at larger universities who are trying to get credit. Also, the tuition is much lower so it is easier for me to pay my way through while working part time.


The science program is amazing. My campus (Northeast) is known for the competitive nursing program, and the rigorous course work for all levels of the sciences, even the non-major courses are challenging. The professors are very knowledgeable, and willing to help their students gain understanding of the material covered.


Tarrant County North East has a clock tower and it seems to set the mood of the campus. Hearing it ring through out the day just has a certain charm about it. The giant chess board is also a great attraction in the court yard. Just makes you want to sit back and relax .


It is conveniently close to home and the hours are flexible to help those with busy lifestyles. The teachers respect you as individuals and are pretty fair with their grading system.


Its an opportunity to get a good education while not paying high tuition costs. And especially for students fresh from high school, community college provides more of an opportunity to really figure out what you want to do while not wasting money.


There are many great things about my school. But one of my best about this school is the flexibility it offers when it comes to making it easy for anyone to attend college. The Tarrant College school district provide schedule for young people as well as working adults who still wants to get back in the classroom to better their careers. The school also provide weekend classes, another example of doing all they can to accomodate all who are interested in achieving their academic goals.


One of the best things about this school is that it is a college like any other college or university and the way students are taught is just the same as someone in a university. There are less students to a class which makes it easier for the student to get student-teacher time if the student does not understand the material.


The college I am attending which happens to be about no more then 15 minutes away from is Texas Community College or TCC. TCC has not only my major; Criminal Justice, but it also has a police force training on campus. I can learn everything I need to know right their on campus. I do not need to go to another campus, which is about 30 minutes without traffic. It has a lot to offer students who wants to do two years and transfer to an university.


TCC is accesible to all students. Education is provided at a reasonable cost. There is a diverse student population, which enhances learning. The faculty and staff are very qualified, and enjoy assisting a large population of students achieve their academic goals. I personally just graduated from the nursing program on the South TCC campus. I received an invaluable education, and I am grateful to have had the experience that I did. I would encourage anyone looking to further their education to look into attending Tarrant County College.