Texas Lutheran University Top Questions

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The community. Students here are in a small community setting. You know or know of almost everyone. It's nice when everyone knows how you did at your sporting event that weekend or knows about events around the school. Brings people together.


Coming to TLU I felt very confident and ready. TLU expects a lot out of us and I like that because I feel I will be ready whenI enter my career. TLU has many outstanding qualities about it, such as the amount of students in a classroom it is very small and the size of our campus. The reason the amount of students in the classroom is so unique is because you get that one on one attention and know the professor will always be there to help you when needed.


We take courses that are not just for our major. The courses such as theology and other humanities enable us to be more well-rounded as an individual and to support the person we are choosing to become.


Small classes, lots of academic help available. Friendly people.


Owing to my experience as an international student in the US, I have learned the importance of pursing a good education. Since the time I started to study here, I was interested for different university programs but what makes TLU special to me was a sense of the community development and students and teachers’ interaction, a rigorous academic program and an environment where international students have real chance to grow and succeed. The Finance program at TLU has served as the mechanism that accelerates the process of critical thinking and produces wise individuals who are capable to face unique challenges.


The personalized education I received, both spiritually and academically, is very unique to Texas Lutheran. My professors took the time to educate us on life as well as the subject matter. I always felt important because they fellowshipped with us outside of the classroom, and encouraged us to persue our dreams. Even now, I still learn from them, and consider some to be like family.


I decided to attend Texas Lutheran University mainly because of the location. With having to work full time and needed a school within close proximity, TLU was the optimum choice. Since I have been here, though, I am so glad that I did not decide to go to one of the less expensive schools. The professors here go out of their way to let you know that you are an individual and that they truely care about you. They are always available if you have any problems, even going as far as giving your their home telephone numbers for help.


Texas Lutheran University is unique in the fact that the teachers really do care and they really want you to suceed. The school tries their very best to make sure the new students feel right at home that first day on campus. The teachers check up on and have one on one time set aside and they are very accessable for any school or even life issues. The classes chalenge the ctudents not only academicly but also in real life situations. TLU is a community. We have various outreachers that fit all students on campus. Thats what makes TLU unquie.


It's a lot smaller that the other schools because the school I was looking into were Texas State and Texas Tech.


Professors here are required to be available and, if you apply yourself, they will become interested in your personal success. These people will help you out.


It is small. Everyone knows your business. I love that it is far enough to get away all the while surrounded around major cities. The town has strong roots and very community oriented.


The class size because students and professors are able to go more one on one with each other. Many professors still talk to alumni as if they were friends for life. The relationship is strong and professors are willing to help you learn and prepare you for the future.


What's unique is how closely students work with professors when they reach their junior and senior years. Because there are so few professors and students, one professor will teach several different classes, so it's easy to get to know them well. This provides a great resource for students who want to get accepted to graduate school or will need references for jobs in their major later on.