The Evergreen State College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is conservative, who wants to be a part of a university, who doesn't like cultural diversity. If someone cannot be self-led, can't handle a debate, and doesn't know how to work in a group setting, this isn't the school for them. The campus is small, so if the person likes large campuses this too is a reason not to attend.


Evergreen is very self-motivated. The faculty members are amazing and super supportive but the work you do and the services available on-campus will only do you good if you take it upon yourself to get work done and go in to ask for help when it's needed. Students who need to be reminded to get their work done or be prompted to see an advisor won't succeed at Evergreen. There are so many cool things we offer here that students who never step outside of their dorm sometimes never realize how good they have it.


I myself am probably in the demographic of people who should not attend this school. Nontraditionally aged white males have to be fairly open-minded and able to spend most of their time alone or else they should pick a different school. Racism is minimal but agism exists.


People who are not willing to commit to a high level of reading and written work in lieu of tests should attend a more traditional exam based University. Additionally, those who want a highly specialized or targeted degree would be out of place at Evergreen. To be comfortable at Evergreen Socially you should be able accepting of those with alternative lifestyles and ideologies -- including environmentalism that sometimes borders of militance. Finally, be aware that there is a strong emphasis on seminar (book discussions) and presentations, so you must learn to be comfortable speaking.


Anyone who: wants a highly specialized or focused degree, is unwilling/uncomfortable working in group settings, is opposed to seminar and academic debate, is uncomfortable with those who live/practice alternative lifestyles, is uninterested or unconscious about environmental sustainability, is too conservative (both politically and socially), or unwilling to accept highly diverse and open opinions would not be a good fit for Evergreen.


Freeloaders who just try to get through college, so they can secure themselves a job; who don't talk to people; who don't come to class even though they can afford the books and can read the material in time; who don't even go to parties, or events where they can feel comfortable and make friends with the Evergreen community. If it was possible for such a person to exist, he shouldn't come here, but he probably should come here anyway, because Evergreen accepts anyone, and if any college could change him, it would be this one.


People who are not self-motivated/directed.


The type of perso that wouldn't really want to be at this school must be close-minded. Extremely close-minded to racism, to politics, to economics, to gender, to power, to privilege, and to people. It is very hard for me to think that someone who is close minded can actually succeed here. At this school, everyone is building community in one way or another, and with that, you learn about people and learn who they are. I don't think close minded people would dig that.


A person who has a closed mind and is undriven.


Someone who is conservative or who likes to do things by the books, or who gets annoyed by people who don't like to do things traditionally (or gets annoyed by the hippie type). Also someone who likes to party a LOT wouldn't find any frat type parties here. People who have an aversion to marijuana.


Students who need a lot of structure should not attend this school. Students are treated as responsible adults here and must take responsibility for their own actions, there is no hand holding. Right winged students might find this atmosphere frustrating.


Self motivated learners and people who want to study more than one subject.


Conservative, biased, close minded, dislikes nature


A kind of person who shoudn't attend this school is someone who doesnt want to experiment with their college career. Someone who expects to have their nose in a book the whole time they are in college. If a person wants a hard core structure, they won't find that at Evergreen.


Someone who prefers to just take tests and get through school without sharing ideas and group projects.


- Evergreen is not the best place for people who prefer a high degree of structure or feel uncomfortale with flexibility in selecting courses; i.e., there are often a number of paths one can take in obtaining a degree in a given area of interest. - Evergreen is not the best place for people with a narrow view of the world who wish to retain that narrow view of the world. - Mean people also shouldn't to attend Evergreen... unless they plan on changing and becoming nice in the first few days -- then it's OK.


The kind of person that should not attend The Evergreen State College is one who is not self motivated or interested in college.


Someone who is uptight.


A person who needs a lot of structure should not attend Evergreen. Evergreen programs are very self-motivated. There are no rules or requirements for graduation other than number of credits. The student is in total control of his or her education, so there is a lot of work and responsibility on the part of the student to get the education he or she wants. If you want a path laid out for you, you shouldn't go to Evergreen.


I would recommend Evergreen to someone who is self-directed and interested in charting their own liberatory education. Folks who do well here are intrinsically motivated and interested in the world. Please, more radicals and fewer culturally appropriative hippies who have an essentialist, homogenized view of indigenous societies and want to change the world by tripping balls and being really groovy.


A person who finds sports to be really important to them. Someone who is looking to live in a big city. Someone who wants the traditional college experience and is looking to sit in a room full of people to be lectured at. Who has no interest in sustainable living practices. Someone who wants to go to a large university.


People who are not open minded are in for a very big shock here and must be willing to change.


People who are not open minded and accepting of new ideas and lots of different types of people should not attend The Evergreen State College.


Anyone who needs traditional structure, cannot self start, or who has conservative political view point.


Someone who isn't self-motivated; people who need a structured curriculum to succeed (i.e. tests, etc.)


A person who needs tons of structure should not go to Evergreen. We are givin very free reign on assignments, and we do not have much guidance overall. People who need to know how they are doing all the time would not do well at this school. Also people who are close-minded should not go to Evergreen, because it is one of the most liberal schools in the country.


A person who doesn't want to learn.


If you aren't self motivated and ready to attend every class and field trip don't come to this school. Also this school is radically liberal and thus can be a little unexcepting to conservative views.


mba types, bush supporters, anti-rain people, anti-woods people, party bro's, frat people, sports people


If you don't have the personal drive or focues then this college might not be for you, however being here can teach you those things.

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