The Evergreen State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


At the Evergreen State College, we have a such a unique way of approaching issues, we sometimes become clouded in our own thinking. The real world is often times different than our perceptions, and such, the problem-solving taking place can be unrealistic at times. This is not to say that these solutions are not practical, but only that they are often times not politically viable.


This is the most frustrating, yet most valuable aspect of an Evergreen education: You absolutely need to be (a) passionate about what you study, and (a) highly motivated and self-directed.


My school does not use grades, we use evaluations. It is difficult to know where you stand during any given quarter. There is a five week review and an end of quarter evaluation.


The food at the Greenery is terrible, and it is sometimes difficult to switch into a different program mid-year if you are not satisfied with the one you have been in.


The small number of students in the sciences. There is a lack of students who are on consistently busy schedules because most are going for BA degrees, and Evergreen only gives out sub 100 BS degrees every year. I'm in the minority of students with the busy schedule, plus midterms and finals.


People are not aware of their actions. It is in a dreary location.


At times there is too much freedom, if you are not self motivated enough, you will not do well at Evergreen.


I'd have to say that the most frustrating thing about my school is the inefficient and ineffective registration system.


too far from town 30minutes bus


You can only take 20 credits


Because there is such an emphasis put on collaborative learning you might sometimes feel that some people are allowed to put in minimal effort whereas others seem to be giving 110%. This isn't always a bad thing, but it can be frustrating.


The most frusterating thing about my school would be the amonut of things that a person can become involved. There are so many great opportunities and great clubs to join, but you can only do so much.


Sometimes it can be difficult to find programs that fit exactly what you want to study


The way it's set up, students can really either not apply themselves and still get the minimum requirements for credit done, or work really hard in order to fulfill the 40 hours a week WA state requirement. Some teachers give so much work that the students have no choice to do at least 40 hours a week, though, and it can be stressful and difficult to do anything outside of class. It really depends on the professor and course, though.


The most fustrating thing about The Evergreen State College is the lack of control the school, students, staff and faculty have over the pending Washington State budget cuts.


As someone who does not drink, smoke, or do any drugs, it has been rather annoying being around so many people who do partake in those activities. I feel like it takes away from the sense of focus here. But there are substance free and quiet housing options, so its no all that bad.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the way program selections are hit or miss. 16 credit programs can be the greatest thing you've ever experienced or the biggest waste of a quarter if the teachers are subpar and the students are disinterested.


I think that it can be frusterating for people who aren't interested in continuing in a graducate program with Evergreen because it is hard for other schools to transfer the credits to traditional credits.


The library hours. All the cutbacks on funding is starting to show. Not enough science classes, hours cut, programs cut, ect.


When I am stuck without a class appropriate to my interests.


My school prides Itself on being progressive and sustaianable but we simply are not. Furthermore our administration, which does not respond to students voice, is holding the College as a whole back from our real potential.


Some of the programs are offered in a bi-annual basis which can make it difficult for studies in certain interests; does not offer a GPA equivalent .


The most frustrating this about Evergreen was that I had to sign a promissory note every trimester in the Financial Aid office. Not once did anyone ever offer me good financial counseling or advice. I think the college should have taken a larger role in financial guidance for freshmen students, in fact, for all students.


I am a very punctual person and like things to be on time. Evergreen has a different time that I am not used to and find it a bit frustrating at times. Also sometimes there is a lack of communication that they think you understand but different teachers in the program will tell you different things. I have ended up having to take a leap of faith and just do my thing.


Some frustrating things about my school is the limited availability of courses. Most courses are set up into "programs" which are either taught once every other year, or once a year. Most programs that are pertaining to your degree are ready to be taken during your upper classmen years, but for the lower classmen students many programs will help towards these programs.


Contacting professors in a timely manner.


the bad weather and depression and mold it brings along with it


The most frustrating aspect of the Evergreen State College is some of the students who come here to say they've gone to college and nothing more. There are many students on campus who just want to hang around and not do much (if any) work. Evergreen is a wonderful school if you are motivated and ambitious, but it is unfortunate how many of the students are not.


Sometimes it can be too creative.


The campus is very non tradtional, and the way the classes are is completely different from how you're used to school being. The setup is not for everyone, but a lot of people flourish. If you live on campus I think it's easier to make friends, versus living off campus.


nothing really.


The run around you get when working with financial aid or the academic councelors.


I sometimes wish it was a larger institution with more connections into career fields, high-end research, and job opportunities-- but that's it. The academics are just perfect.


The school has raised its acceptance rating, creating some of the largest classes to ever come through Evergreen. Not only does this overpopulate the programs and make it even more difficult to get into the courses you desire, it turns Evergreen into the backup school for many students who enroll after being rejected from another school. Those students are not here for what Evergreen has to offer and therefore are demolishing the environment, community, and goals of the school. This also has made the on-campus housing situation evolve from livable to out of control in just three years.


Coming from a poor family, I feel most frustrated with evergreen's rich students who dress like hippies to pretend they are poor and will use that as a way to say they are oppressed.


Hippies, Anarcho-Punks. There was a riot last year at a concert where some of them flipped over a cop car costing the school $40,000 and ending all cultural activites for the rest of the year.


The system for taking classes. One class a quarter? What if you get a horrible teacher? Too bad because there is little possiblity there will be room for you in another class, let alone a class interesting you.

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