The Sage Colleges Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Russell Sage is best known for being a women's college. Students have the opportunity to focus on women's issues, learn to find their voice, and get a first rate education. There are many fields to choose from, including nursing, physical therapy, musical theater and education. The college also has many fun traditions to be involved with. The college is located minutes from Albany, the state capital and just a few hours from NYC.


My school is best known for its academic performance amongst its students and how excellent the teaching staff is. It is also known for its variety of classes to chooses from. I am a "women of influence" and that is the motto of the school. It lives up to its motto and so does everyone involved.


Russell Sage College is best known for giving women confidence. Since we are an all-women's college, we specialize in promoting women in general. We offer an excellent program which I am in, a 3+3 program into Sage Graduate School for the physical therapy program. They also offer an outstanding education program, along with a well-known nursing.


Russell Sage is known as an all girls school, mostly known for arts but education as well.


The programs that Sage is best known for are Nursing, Physical therapy, and Eduaction