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Deeply involved in history and traditions making it more like a second family than a school.


Even though we are located in Troy, NY, are campus is full of beautiful Victorian houses as dorms. Also the fact that it is an all-women's college promotes women in everything we do. But don't get me wrong, just because it is a single-sex college doesn't mean we are sexist. We have a great staff consisting of equal amounts of men and women. We have a lot of opportuinites to suggest an idea and completely go through with it, which I think, is a real way of obtaining knowledge.


Russell Sage is a tight-knit community that allows women to experience and grow in leadership positions. Being an all-women's institution, Russell Sage deffinately stands out from other schools. It is small, with class sizes averaging 12 to 15, and offers a variety of majors and programs. The community-like setting allows each student to stand and achieve with support and encouragement from her surroundings. Academic advisors and professors are also available 24/7, which aids in each student's success.