The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Because I do not have a vehicle on campus, I wish I would have known how much of a pain it is to take the city buses from campus to other parts of Austin. I am not a fan of the increase in travel time that results from traveling via public transportation, and the unnannounced breaks taken by the drivers further delays travel time. The buses within campus are pretty efficient, however, traveling away from campus can be quite the challenge without a vehicle.


There are very large classes, and it is very hard to register for the classes/professors you want because of the large student body population.


You have to be willing to put yourself out there to meet people. Everyone is in the same boat: a new school and a new life experience. I wish I hadn't been so shy and had taken advantage of the different social events around campus.


I wish I would have known that its important to choose the right major before you come. I wasn't sure If I definitely wanted to be a Nurse, so I decied to choose a major of Human Growth and Development in the School of Human Ecology. I have now decided for sure that I want to be a Nurse. It is extremely hard to get into the School of Nursing, half of the students who apply get accepted into the school. I wish I would have known how hard it is to transfer into the school of Nursing.


I wish that I had known how different high school is from college. You don't know it until you actually experience it. Freedom and diversity are the largest points. In college, you are in a completely different environment and may be lost at times. But remember, there is always someone to help as long as you ask. Swallow your pride and ask for help. In high school, it may have been seen as being "stupid" for going in for tutoring, but in college, all the people who want to succeed go in for office hours and tutoring.


I wish I had known before I came to UT Austin that my professors are approachable, normal people! Introducing myself to them and talking to them during office hours, or even just after class, is a major way to get more out of class, especially in the larger ones where it's easy to feel like just a number. UT Austin is huge, but making these connections can make the school seem smaller than it is.


I wish I had know how much free time you really have in college. There is much free time but I have to take advantage of it and not stay behind in reading and school work.


There is nothing in particular that I wish I would have known prior to my enrollment at the University of Texas at Austin. However, one always wonders what the experience will be like, and so far I still have many unanswered questions.


I wish I had known to try harder to make friends.


I wish I had known how big the classes were! In some undergrad classes, there are up to 300 students. I had a lot of difficulty taking anything away from the courses this size. One professor and two TA's per 300 students just does not always work out. In my experience, they had difficulty finding enough hours in the day to set up appointments during office hours for homework help or other course discussions


Going to professors' office hours, TAs' discussion groups, and student study groups is going to be crucial if you want to get an A. Get in the habit now. No matter how much you plan on going to every class, you're eventually going to be too sick or too tired and miss a day. Talk to people on your very first day (everyone's friendly, really), so that you never miss a day of notes. Oh, and you're going to get about $2400 in college bonds. Put them towards college, not random junk.


Before I came to UT I went in pretty blind about college, as my parents had never graduatated college and I'm the oldest child. For their sake, I wish I had known about all the scholarships available to incoming freshmen on Also, it's very, very important to check out professors before you register for their classes. UT has some spectacular professors, but also a few duds. You can save yourself a lot of grief if you check out your professors beforehand! On an unrelated note, don't worry about making friends! You'll find plenty here!


I wish I had known more about the scholarships available and that the orientation spots were not enough for all of the admitted students.


I wish I would have known that eventhough Jester is such a ugly dorm, it is better to room in because you can meet more people that you have stuff in common with. I roomed in the northern part of campus and people seemed to be more stuck up.


That graduate school at UT would be harder to get into! I wish that I would have known the academic expectations would be higher than other schools, that research could be started sophomore year and that my GPA would start over. Other than that I felt I had researched enough on the school to have an accurate picture of what I was walking into. The website and advisors were truthful and straight forward about attending UT and what to expect.


I wish I knew more upperclassmen. The old saying that "with age comes wisdom" exemplifies the reasoning of my wish. Upperclassmen are not only wiser than freshmen but they know exactly how the school operates. Upperclassmen advise, assist and advocate for me if I became friends with them in my freshman year. First hand advice is not only invaluable but it is extremely helpful. Assistance from upperclassmen give you the edge and set you apart from other students and advocation from upperclassmen is undoubtedly useful to gain access to student organizations, committes and leading professors.


I wish I had known how great the city of Austin is and how kind the local population is to students! It's been fantastic getting to know this city. The university itself is amazing, well beyond my expectations, but I'm glad that I didn't know that ahead of time-- it was a fabulous surprise to see just how wonderful my university really is.


I wish I would have known how to manage my time better at The University of Texas. I have learned that time flies by quickly when school is in session and many things need to be put on hold for studies. I wish my high school prepared me for things such as this because my first semester in college I struggled greatly. Confused over when and how to study led to disastor.


I wish I had known it was so hard to get into classes. It's such a large school and there's limited seats in classes so it's all up to luck.


Nothing really, I knew it was a large campus and the classes were large, but I have such a large access of resources. I think its good reminder to tell high school students you have any questions just ask.


I wish I had known who was important in my department because it would have helped me get into the classes I should take. Some classes in the theatre department are offered only every 2-3 years, so if you miss it the first time around, you might never get to take it.


Orientation at UT Austin answered virutally all my questions. The advice I have is talk to as many people as possible. They all have something different to say and it can really help you find your way around and allow you to have the kind of experience you want in college. There are no limits on this campus! Really all you could want is here; you just have to know where to find it. UT is not the most prestigious school, but for the price, its professors, and the other numerous opportunities, it's definitely very valuable.


How terrible parking is! I heard it was bad but I never imagined. Also I wish I had known about myedu, so I could have avoided some tough professors.


I wish I would have known how to apply for more scholarships. I did not realize how expensive this school would be, and I desperately need more money.


HOw diverse the campus is and how you are able to express yourself however you want to.


I wish i had known how to manage my time properly for my first few tests. I did not know that it was absolutely essential to start studying immediately after the first day and it eventually cost me on my first few tests. luckily, I learned from experience how to manage my time for tests.


I'm pretty satisfied with most everything I knew about the school before I came. Some people may find it difficult to get around campus because it is fairly large. It might have been helpful to know about all the construction too.


In high school, students are taught that there are restrictions. If I could have dropped that ideal the moment I graduated, I would have been set for college. Attending a university dedicated to research and exploration, I should have been more open-minded to what I could offer. Unfortunately, I held back in my essays and art assignments but eventually was able to go with the flow of new and original ideas.


I wish I had known the kind of effort and dedication that would be needed.


I wish I had the knowledge of knowing when to stop something before it was too late. I respect and think highly of the University of Texas at Austin yet it was not the school I wanted to go to, The reason why I am here is to please my parents and I was never really able to just say "hey, wait a minute this is MY LIFE, and I want to be happy." I feel like I am really missing out on the experiences my fellow peers take part in because I feel so extremely lonely.


I wish I would have had more information concerning the costs and fees associated with being a radio-television-film major. This program is accelerated and actual film production begins in the second semester of your freshman year. All the costs associated with the course and all the supplies needed are costly. I would highly recommend planning ahead for this. They are flexible and very helpful, but you need to be able to have the supplies in order to finish your project on time.


How hard engineering is


I wish I would have known the level of education that the university had. I would have came in more prepared and ahead of the game.


I wish I had known how expensive things (food, clothes, entertainment) would be. If so, I would have worked twice as hard as I did. I also wish I had joined more groups. There's so many to choose from, but actually belonging to one or two would be very beneficial!


I wish i would have known how to manage my money. I also wish i would have known how to manage my social time and School work time. I didnt have to study nearly as much as i do know in college and i wish i would have practiced my study habits more. Having fun is a good thing but at the end of the day its all about school. Its easy to get caught up with friends. For some people it is hard to stay focused . Just expect the best and be prepared for the worst.


I wish I would have learned how to be more organized with my time and with my schedule. Having a social life is not as important as being in good academic standing, but it is part of the college experience. If I would have learned how to be more organized and plan my days better, I would have saved myself a bunch of stress. The best thing to have is a planner. Just plan your days and times so that you never get behind in school and still have a good social life.


I wish I had known how crucial it is to live on campus. Although the conditions of the campus dorms are not amazing at UT, they allow student relationships to develop profoundly. Nevertheless, involvement in clubs and sports at school also help with the formation of long lasting friendships.


I wish I had known exactly how difficult college could be. I had always heard college would be harder than high school, but not as hard as it has been so far. If I had known this, I would have maximized my studying efforts even more so than I am now.


I wish I had been advised correctly. One of the many problems is that high school advisors don't talk with colleges and universities. I spent a lot of time on materials that were not needed for me to be accepted. Another thing would be knowing the actual work load that college is. I thought I was well prepared for college but soon found out that high school and college are nothing alike. Time managment IS as important as everyone says. Creating some time managment habits in high school would have definately helped for college.


Time management is your best friend, and studying in college is much different (more intense) than in high school. Never waste an opportunity to get extra help in a class you're struggling in. There's no shame in asking for help. Join an organization, and make new friends. People change in college, so you're old friends from high school may come back during winter break completely different. GO TO FOOTBALL GAMES! They're a source for good conversation with new people. Make at least one friend in each class that you can study with.


COming from a small town and an urban 'substandard' school, I wish I would I have know how diffferent things are in a real learning enviroment. It took me so long to adjust from crowded school halls and stiff teachers to a new enviroment where people arent always just trying to get past you and the teachers arent always just trying to get you in and out the class. I wish I had known how great education could really be.


There are two things: 1). Although I did meet alot of new people, I wish I could have been more open and friendly my first year at UT. 2). I wish I had the insight on what classes and professors to take and who to stay away from.


I wish I had fully realized some of the choices I would have to make.


Be more active in clubs, open up more and meet new people instead of sticking with just people I already knew, and take more interesting classes in order to find what I am passionate about!


How intense and competitive the classes are.


Live in a dorm freshman year. Thats how you meet people. Make friends in class. You will have to miss class at some point and their notes will come in handy. Get involved with at least one student group who is passionate about the things you are.


I wish I had known how to study better. I wasn't as prepared for the college lifestyle as I wish I was.


I wish I had known how to work the system as well as I do now.


How big it was!


I wish I had known how much fun it would be and how friendly everyone would be. I was scared to go to college without my friends and family, but now that I'm here, I know that I have my own family up in Austin as well.