The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Well known school, with a great special MBA program.


Dedicated, driven for success, caring, determined, unique, helpful, positive, realistic, vibrant, pushy, modern, elite, involved, encouraging, compelling, stimulating, stressful, prompt, motivating, genious, persistant, purposeful, and from honor society, student government, game nights, and Greek life, there is always something to be involved in.


Laid back, fun, easy to get around and good variety of degrees.


Wonderful learning environment


UT Tyler is a great university that allows all different types of people to enjoy their college years with an amazing education and new found friendships.


I think my school was good in that it taught me a lot academically, but it was very lacking socially and did not offer many activities outside of greek life.


relaxing experience of college life without the pressures of drinking and drugs.


This school has many people involved in academics, but it needs more people involved in on-campus activities.


UT Tyler is a great University for a fantastic education on a smaller campus, if I could go back, I wouldn't have gone any where else.


small school with a great attitude and a low tutition


UT Tyler is a relatively large school, but with that down home feel. Tyler is the perfect town for a college because its so self containted and anything you need is right at your finger tips.


Although my campus is small, it is refreshing to see the same friendly faces on an everyday basis in which I can depend.


It is small, but big enough, with high academic standards, and a pleasant learning environment.


Not too big yet not too small with plenty of friendly people and professors who care about your academic success.