The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They people I've met at school are all so outgoing and sweet people. Another reason why I love our campus atmosphere


I work in the morning, so I mainly attend night classes. The students in the night classes are well prepared and eager to learn. I like my classmates.


My classmates are driven to empower themselves with a quality education in order to advance in today's society.


There's a variety of students that attend the school. I've noticed some that are international, some that are from other states, and some that are from Texas. Each one that I've met are always willing to help, whether it's getting the students involved in activities, or tutoring. The students are all very nice and helpful.


My classmates are very friendly and helpful, they're easy to get along with and communicate with.


My classmates are a diverse group of people, they are outspoken and outgoing, they really care about their grades and they are invested in their education; they make the college experience a great one.


My classmates are social and helpful.


UT Tyler is a melting pot for sure. I would say the majority are white, though.


My classmates are extremely prepared, and very well-rounded coming from all across the state and even the country.


Most of my classmates are friendly and helpful.


They are focused and driven to succeed in the nursing program.


Fun, goal oriented, ambitious, and optimistic.


Diverse people with very involved outside lives.


My classmates are fun, friendly and usually willing to help with whatever problems I could be having academically or personally.


Mainly local HS graduates that desire to achieve a University degree to better themselves and improve their marketablity.


My classmates are very supportive and helpful.


Very helpful and friendly


mostly all women only 1 or 2 men.


In the basics classes, it's still like high school regarding the students and attitudes. They form their own groups based on looks. Once you get further into the upper divisional classes, it gets better. People recognize you and are more willing to socialize as well as form study groups with more people. I have great classmates this semester. Most are at least in one other class.


hard-working but understand how to kick back and forget about the pressures of school for a night. great peer groups where we all can study one night and go party and have fun the next


they are mostly spoiled rich kids that are open to learning about other economic classes other than their own.