The University of Texas at Tyler Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Get your kid focused on the tasks at hand. Once they are behind it can really be a burden.


Always go after your dreams. Dont let money and family issues get in the way of becoming the person you want to be. If there is a dream college and career you have in mind, then go after it all the way and give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}. When getting the full college experience yes go and have fun but always put school first. The freshman year needs to be the most important, those four years will fly by and you will look back on your past and wonder why you did what you did. So just do your best and become who you want to be and not others want you to be and you will get the most out of college and appreciate it in your upcoming future. Just love life and have fun.


This is a great college for students from the east tyler area where its close to home, Its not very suitable for out of state prospects.


I went on many college visits, but I never got the full effect of how it would feel to actually attend the college. I think it is imperative to plan overnight college visits where the student stays on campus, attends classes, and experiences the social life of the campus. This will ultimately help the student to realize whether they fit in to that particular school or not.


Tour multiple campuses and activities on campus to really "get a feel" for what it would be like to attend that college/university. Oh and remember to go in with an open mind, you might be surprised!~


visit the campus, talk to as many students as possible.


My best advice to parents and students in finding the right college is one: prepare, prepare, prepare. Devote as much money as possible, parents and students, to the time you will be spending attending college. When looking for the right college for your child, do not let family history or traditions get in the way, let your children decide on which college best suits them. Parents and students both need to understand that mistakes can and are going to happen while they are in college and be fair in handling those mistakes. Most of all enjoy what your college or university has to offer. It can be the best time or the worst time of your life depending on how you handle your experiences.




Go with a desire to improve yourself thru learning about yourself and others. This includes a self-evaluation and setting goals to what type of person you want to be. But most important set a tone in your life of learning and changing yourself for the better. Become a person that is known to make things better.


Make sure that you are comfortable with the school and do not just settle for a school. Keep your opinions first and for most!!!


Understand and learn early on to be able to study as well as have a social life


My advice to those seeking a great college experience involves discovering your goals and finding the college that best fits those goals. By discovering your goals I mean weighing what's important to the student and whoever is paying for the student- price, location, degree options, campus life, etc. After carefully considering what you're looking for, research! Look online, ask allumni or current students, call, or visit campuses that you believe fit your goals. It's not a bad idea to rank what criteria (goals) you think are most important to you and then see which campuses meet those goals. All four things mentioned earlier are very important in analyzing which college to attend (web surfing, asking alumni/current students, calling, visiting) especially visiting the campus. I can't stress enough how important it is to physically check out the college you're considering because nothing gives you a fuller picture of what that university provides. Discover your goals, find who meets them and you're set!


When choosin college take time to make sure the courses are being offered that you need. Also, plan your courses in advance and know when the courses you need are being offered.


To tour the campus first, know what you plan to major in before you pick a school to make sure they are strong in that area, and come to scholl with an open mind, but make sure you have an idea of who you want to be as a person.


The first thing to do is have a plan and do not wait until the last minute to do so. It is important for parents to encourage their children and , if possible, share in their preparation. High school advisors can assist in listing schools for particular interests. Narrowing the search down by reading the advertising material and actually making a visit to the school during regular weekly hours can give a good feel as to what the school is like on a daily basis. Take advantage of scholarships and financial aid. College is expensive and ones of us who have to pay so much will be using the bulk of our education to make enough money to pay back banks or parents for many years to come. Those who choose to attend as adults will benefit by applying similar suggestions. Advanced education can be rewarding and enjoyable if it is approached and applied with a goal and a balanced attitude.


Visit the college and make sure it is the best fit by checking out degree programs and credentials.


I would advise all student s and parents looking for the right college to take into account the size, cost, location and if the school has the resources to help the student meet their goal. The size is important because someone who is an introvert may get lost and not be able to make close associations with other students. The location is important because if it's not close to the students family they might get lonely or depressed not being able to see them easily. The cost is very important as the school should be affordable and offer ways of getting financial aid for anyone interested in attending that school. The most important thing to remember in making a choice of colleges is to make sure the school offers the right courses for whatever major the student is majoring in and that the student feels a connection and feels comfortable at that school. If they feel a connection and feel comfortable they will have a great college experience.


I would definitely suggest doing your research and visiting a perspective campus. Talk to other people who attend the university.


I would tell students to look for a campus they feel comfortable at. The environment plays a large role in making this decision, and an attractive campus always makes for a pleasant learning environment. Getting involved with clubs and activites on campus makes meeting new, fun people much easier. Having a lot of friends on campus makes studying and hanging out much easier.


get a lot of money saved up and don't wait to start filling out applications! do it your junior year of HS


I would tell a student to only base their decsion on their on personal wants and hopes for the future. Do not let your parents or friends pursuade you into going to a particular college. I know parents sometimes get caught up in wanting you to go to their own alma mater but if that school is not right for you, then you will not succeed there and you'll never been happy. Also, friends sometimes try to convince you to go to the school they're planning on attending so that you can be roommates or continue your friendship but I promise that you will not get anyting out of your college experience, and it will not be "the best years of your life" if you don't decide for YOU. My suggestion would be test out schools. Go to their shadow days and find the one that is the EXACT right fit. There's one out there for everyone and dont let anyone else's opinion decide for you.


First off, I'd like to say that sometimes students spend more time trying to pick a college that is farthest away from their hometown, which I think is a mistake. Unless the student has the right reasoning for moving so far away, for instance, playing a sport with the university or the university offers something significant for that student, they shouldn't at least not at first. The transition from high school and college is hard enough, but it's even harder if you live somewhere you do not see a familiar face. I say pick the right college for you, but for all the right reasons, don't pick one because you feel the only way to grow is by being miles and miles away from your home. To make the most out of a college experience involves joining a club and being social allowing you to meet plenty of people who will have a great influence on your college career as well as even future careers. Also, studying with a group of people for anything is so much more fulfilling than studying by yourself. Just remember, the best part about college is being able to be yourself.


After narrowing down choices of colleges based on information provided by the schools, definitely make it a priority to attend the campus. It is even a great idea to sit in on a class time so the student may get a feel for what this school is really like. Also, it is a great idea to find time for extra curricular activites which help students feel very involved and meet diverse groups of people/friends.


To find the right college, I would suggest that the prospective student and his/her parents should visit as many campuses as possible. In addition, at each campus they should discuss what it is about each college they like and dislike. This is will help narrow down the choices and also help with the decision about which colleges to visit next and also which colleges garner a second visit. To make the most of the college experience, I would check to see if the college of your choice offers an orientation, especially one that previews the extracurricular activities your campus offers. Becoming involved in activities outside of the classroom gives you a chance to get to know others at your campus who share some of the same interests as you. Also, you will be thankful for a break from the rigors of schoolwork! The most important thing for making the most of college experience is to have fun and do things that you love, no matter what that might be! College is a wonderful time for self-discovery and independence, I wish you luck on finding the best place for you!


Naturally, one should pick a school that excels in whichever department he or she finds best in declaring a major. Just because a school has several popular majors doesn't mean the other departments aren't up to par. Do not base the whole campus on a few people, whether they be Orientation Leaders, who are supposed to be friendly, and average students, who don't have to be and don't care to be. Yet, I believe that a campus is what you make of it. Yes, there will a variety of people that a person has never had the experience to work, study, or befriend, but thats part of the experince. Take your first few years seriously--a person should try to make the best grades during this period so that when they take their upperlevel courses, he or she will have a cusion to fall back on if a few classes are especially challenging. One's responsibilities broaden as the years progress, so be sure to create a solid fountation in whatever you do. Never hesitate to ask questions about things you don't know, and don't let difficulty or setbacks keep you from your dreams.


Don't jump at the first school you see, take into consideration the surroundings, how close/far it is to home, what you are majoring in (is it offered), if you have to go into a higher learning school-is it offered (nursing, medical, etc.)? Even if it is not mandatory, stay in the dorms your first semester/year. You have a lot of networking opportunities, and make tons of friends. Dorms are the true college experience.


Finding the right college for the student is quit difficult. It takes time and research to pick the one that suits him or her best. I believe it is beneficial to find out what kind and the diversity of student organizations that are offered within the college. It indicates how open the college can be to different social backgrounds and beliefs of its students. Also go to the campus days that are available. There you can see not only what is available but also which ones are valued by the students as well as the college. An emphasis on sororities or fraternities may indicate more participation in the night life rather than studies. If parents are able to, help your child in any way possible, especially financially. That way they do not have to take time finding a source of income to pay bills and for college. It enables the student to have more time for studies and also getting involved in activities and even the community. They are able to socialize more and enjoy their time overall.


My advice for finding the right college would have to focus on finding one that makes the learning experience enjoyable. In order to do this you must consider all aspects important to daily life and then some because college is a place where most discover who they are. The majority will be spending upto four years at their chosen school so it is absolutely necessary to find a school in a location you can enjoy. For example I grew up in a small town so I chose a small school. Next you should decided if the faculty and student body are right for you. In other words, will you be able to enjoy learning from the professors and be able to make friends with your peers. Once a school is chosen it is time to get involved. Join groups and organizations that invovle your field of study and your interests. This helps you make friends and develop school pride and self pride. This also keeps you school focused while still providing you with extracuricular activities to releive that stress from long hours of studying. In much fewer words, make it fun!


Finding the right college is a matter of finding what's the right place for you. Never follow your friends, parents, or boyfriend/girlfriend becasue they think you'll like it. In the end you have to make the right decision for yourself.


Start early, begin looking at potential colleges after sophomore year. Take SAT/ACT early in Junior year and begin applying immediately after the results are in. Make a list, 3 dream colleges, 3 respectable colleges, and 3 backups. Visit as many as possible.


Finding the right college or university is crucial to having a positive college experience. In making this very important decision, many things should be taken into consideration. Of course the obvious, "how is their [insert major here] department", "what is student housing like". But also you should ask yourself where you want to end up, geographically. Many people tend to stay around the area where they went to college, so I think it is important to be in an environment in which you can see yourself long-term. I am a firm believer in staying involved in college. I personally participate in greek life and Wind Ensemble--through which I have met most of my friends. Friends are key to a good college experience. If you have an activity that you wish to remain involved in, make sure that your prospective colleges support those activities. Most importantly, visit the campus before choosing to attend the school. When you see a campus you will automatically know if it's right for you or not. College is a great experience; get involved, make friends, and GO TO CLASS!!!!


Do not give up, it is completely worth it.


In all honesty I would advise any in coming freshmen to go to junior college to get their core circulum out of the way. It be easier, you will have a better GPA and you will save alot money and time.


I would visit the school for longer than just 1 day. I'd also consider visiting the school not during one of their "welcome festivles" or "college preview days". I think you get the best idea of what you the university is like if you were to visit from Thur-Sun. That way you can see what the campus looks like during the week and during the weekend. It's very important that a new college student feel comfortable in the student life at their campus. Because college can be very lonely if there aren't people to spend time with or activities to participate in!