Trinity College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The group of friends that I have, as well as the dorm that I live in, is very mixed in all aspects of race, religion, LGBTQ, and socio-ecomic groups and I have had no problem with 'mixing'. However, generally at Trinity, a non-white, non-straight, non-highclass student would feel extremely out of place. There are huge problems with racism and homophobia on campus and the generally high finacial standings of most students leave those who are not well off feeling very out of place. There is huge grouping between student groups, and the dining hall is usually partitioned according to sports teams or race. Most trinity students are from new england or california, with very well off financial backgrounds. Students are generally apathetic, though mostly liberal.


There is not a huge population of LGBTQI students on campus, but they are certainly visible and to my knowledge have small communities that are available to them. Different types of students don't really interact. Most trinity students are from the northeast i think, but there are many from other parts of the country, and usually a handful of students from eastern europe. Most people are more than affluent but there are plenty of students on work study and financial aid. there are great opportunities here for political awareness and activism, but unfortunately this is a predominantly apathetic campus with the exception of a substantial group of people. The faculty at trinity is definitely left, but the students are moderate-to-left...moderate usually indicating apathy here. although, trinity college republicans exists and has existed for a long time.


There is a good deal of diversity on campus and there are various and numerous cultural houses and organizations to represent all types of people on campus. On a typical day, most students can be seen wearing jeans and a sweatshirt or sweater, with a fleece and casual shoes. The "dress code" isn't exactly formal, but most students don't tend to wear sweatpants to class. Political activity seems to have grown on campus in recent years but remains a quiet presence, and there are clubs that actively represent both campus Democrats and Republicans. For a Northeastern college, there is a pretty large percentage of politically conservative students, who would most likely identify themselves as Republicans.

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