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Great academics. Hard working students. Ugly student body. Elitist Society Ignorant kids Beautiful people Spoiled kids Raging partys -Ugly place at times


Trinity College is the perfect combination of a study school and a party school. The students are intelligent, work very hard and are usually successful after graduation. At the same time. students know how to balance this hard work with fun on the weekends. It is also a small school (about 2200 students) which allows for a more close knit community.


I don't think its very unique at all except for the fact it has a huge frat scene.


The strong relationship between the administration and the students. When the students have a problem the administration is quick to hear their issues and try and find a solution.


Contributing writer Amanda Tramont discusses her March 4, 2008 article about Trinity's abroad program


Trinity has an extremely underrepresented and amazing biology and environmental science faculty who are extremely dedicated teachers and colleagues. Trinity is a school where if you put your mind to it, you can participate and excel in many facets of the college.


Trinity has one of the strongest, most organized admitted students' programs, V.I.P. days. In this program student may attend classes and departmental open houses. Students also have the opportunity to speak with faculty and students in each major or other area of interest through a program at lunch. There is also a student panel, where prospective students can ask current students their real questions and concerns. This was a huge factor in my decision. The faculty I met were more than helpful and kind. Also, the students around campus were very friendly and open to helping direct anyone to where they needed to be. I would advise any admitted student to attend V.I.P days before making their decision.


All in all, I wish that students at Trinity were less self involved and cared more about taking advantage of what everyone has to offer, no matter how different or weird it might feel to them at first. People are kind when it comes down to it, but I wish that you didn't have to try so hard to feel like you're a part of a community if you don't immediately fit into one group of people.


i am glad this gets out for anyone who wants to know about my school. There are guided tours for interested students, so anyone can check it out and students are the guides.. if you like it, you are more than welcome to apply


I love Trinity and am having a wonderful time here and am getting a great and personalized education.


I think Trinity is over priced by a large amount. I think the experience can be great, but I also think it can be miserable. You really have to want to be at Trinity and in a certain environment to make it work.


I left out alot but I don't have time to write more. Contact me if you need anything else.


too much to say in one small box


all of that being said: if you don't fit the trinity stereotype you can be VERY happy here. take it from someone who wanted out. very badly. but who is now exceedingly happy. i hate the school. and sure on principle i guess that means i shouldn't continue to stay. but fall in with good academic departments and professors and that part of life will be more than adequate. take advantage of things like the fred. like cinestudio (the only real movie theater on a college campus in the county. it shows foreign, independent and classic films, and is a true gem that almost no one takes advantage of. students run everything except for the projection, and if you volunteer once a week you can see any movie for free). you will find people here that are like you. it might take more time than it would somewhere else. but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience to get to be part of the group that's "different." you get to really run things and make decisions and affect people's lives. you can be the students that make the new unahppy trinity students change their minds. you have a chance to be someone that's not just part of the flock. i'll never give money to trinity itself. maybe to something like cinestudio, or an academic department i care about. but as an institution i hate everything it stands for. i think few members of the administration care at all about changing the reputation. academic programs are frequently cancelled. the library is open a pathetic number of hours. little things like that which show they don't really care. many say that the arts are severely ignored. some even say sports are ignored. all of it goes to show trinity doesn't really do much to encourage participation. or maybe they just don't admit active students. but if having to work to find what you want or a social life with a heavy dose of alcohol doesn't appeal to you, best to keep looking.


I love Trinity. It has everything I dreamed of in a college or university.


Trinity is great!


students are unfriendly to anyone different from them and it's rare for someone to smile at you (or even give eye contact) on the long walk (across campus) i would transfer, but for two reasons: I have an amazing group of friends (with whom i engage in academic discussions when we're "partying") and believe i am getting a top notch education.


Either you love Trinity or you hate it. I personally love it and never want to leave- I agree with Trinity's nickname: Camp Trin.


at times there are students who get caught up in the campus power struggle on both sides. some students want to take over the school and aggressively go after change, while some students only want to rebel against those who try to restrict them. this is something that creates more conflict on the campus, rather than helping it, which is the premise on which people get themselves involved in something like this.


Hartford is underrated. There are great restaurants, shows, museums, concerts, and bars.


Trinity is a great school and the best things about it are its urban environment offering great restaurants and cultural opportunities as well as a beautiful campus with a ton of school spirit.


If the Greek life gets shut down, you might as well close the school!


Campus safety needs to be stepped up.




I think Trinity is great!


Trinity is a wonderful school and I love it here! Although there may be certain stereotypes, there are plenty of other outlets to find friends of different background.


drinking is too big of a thing on the weekends


it is definitely a drinking school. there are things you can do if you do not drink, but your weekends will be pretty lame if you don't.


It's a wonderful schoool, but it takes time to get used to.


they roomate survey tried to be cute and in turn it was very unuseful. they might as well have picked names from a hat. they only thing my roomate and i have in common is that we are human...except i dont know about her. the seminaare i took did not warn that it was a 4 day straight intensive class. because of it, my choice of roomates was limited to about 30, not to mention i got stuck with my roomate in my seminar. the only one in the building who has their roomate in her seminar. I HATE THE NIGHTLIFE. its the worst i could ever think of. i cannot wait to get out of here


I love Trinity College!


Trinity is a great school for people who want to make good friendships, have a close knit environment, and a wonderful education!


They are re-doing our main building which will be very nice. When its nice out, everyone is out on the quad hanging out in the sun and barbequeing. Everyone goes to the baseball games and hangs out outside.


You are responsible for making Trinity a great experience for yourself, but it can be if you are willing to put in that effort.


I think the topics were covered. I just really want to emphasize Trinity's blind eye to the unsafe neighborhood. Even though they have done some things they need to do more!


i wish trinity had a better alumni networking system.


dining on campus can get old after a semester of only 3 options. lots of delivery though which is good.


Trinity is a work in progress. I have thought about leaving many times but it is at a crucial point in its history. now more than ever, we need politically conscious, caring, diverse individuals that will truly change the environment here. i do not want to steer any one away from this school because the academics are so rewarding and there are amazing people. but it is a challenge...moreso than at other schools. but the challenge is necessary in order to reconstruct the college campus.

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