Trinity College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The overwhelming drowning of rich, [cis], whiteness, and maleness that is always lurking. Not a huge regard for people of other backgrounds.


There's a lack of community at this school that can make it hard to find friends and a place to fit in. People here grew up a certain way and expect their friends to share their values. Unfortunately for most, these values are highly materialistic; people are judged on what they are wearing rather than by who they are. It is not a welcoming community at all. I was told that I would find myself in college, and instead I feel even more lost than before.


Although it has been growing in my time here, there is a not much of a sense of community at Trinity. True, I have found my niche and met beautiful people. The campus climate is slowly changing for the better and becoming more open to difference. It's most exhausting aspect is the fear of dialogue in classes (excluding ones that I have taken within my [Theatre & Dance] major). This is disappointing since I wanted to be challenged by my peers as much as my Professors.


Health center isn't open 24 hours and the staff is not very helpful or knowledgeable


Lack of diversity


The lack of diversity. coming from a very diverse high school, I had almost a culture shock at the almost completely white student body.


People can be close-minded and immature. There needs to be more effort made in pushing students to think about the community and of their place in it and their responsibility to it.


people can be intolerant and it can be quite uncomfortable


The surrounding neighborhood is not fantastic, though It is steadily improving.


Lack of funding for small departments. A previous president damaged out endowment, however the new one has been doing a great job rebuilding it! The school is still well mantained but the smaller departments need more money to reach their full potential.


There's not a lot of variation in weekend social activities.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of social options that are present on campus. The majority of students here don't date - though it isn't impossible - and hookups are pretty prevalent as a lot of people get tanked and then go to the frats to party. If you don't drink or smoke weed you won't be ostracized and no one will call you lame or something for not doing the above, but realize you will be odd man out. To put it simply, on Saturday night, everyone is looking to get laid. Most do.


Lack of diversity.


The worst thing about our school is students do not always take the time to get involved in extra-curricular activities. It seems that the student who is active outside of the classroom is involved in several activities, to balance those students who are involved in none.


People think we are all trust-fund kids who don't work hard and everything is handed to us, and its just not true, trinity college definitely has a work hard, play hard ethic. Of course there are some kids who don't follow this ethic, but isn't that the case at any school?

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