Trinity College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?




Wealthy, pretentious, attractive, and more interested in partying than studying.


The most common stereotype about Trinity students is that they are wealthy, prep school students.


That everyone is white, that everyone is rich, that everyone is snobby and spoiled, and that people only care about partying and drinking.


Rich kids, Polo Ralph Lauren, Burberry. Most expensive cars and if you don't know anyone on this campus its a tough time making friends.


That it is an extremely preppy school filled with rich white students.


stuck, preppy, wealthy


1. Trinity is a party school 2. Cocaine is big at Trinity 3. Everyone here is stuck up and preppy. 4. It's basically the same thing as the prep school experience. 5. It's very cliquey


we are usually called the Trin trin.. or spoiled white kids, and before i came to trinity i might have thought the same way


That they drink a lot.


Rich white kids heavy drinkers slackers


Preppy, New England kids who work hard and play harder.


Preppy, Rich


Snooty white kids who don't know how to act around black people THEY TALK TO MUCH


That we are all rich and stuck up


Trinity still has many of the bow-tie wearing boys and beautiful lily pulitzer dressed girls from East Coast prep school and boarding schools. It also has a pretty diverese lower income group of students, a lot from Hartford or nearby NYC.


that a large percentage of the student population are from white, rich families that a large percentage of the students get drunk on a regular basis and that there is a large amount of coke on campus


Preppy, rich, like to party, care about school and generally work hard, but often just do what they have to get by


snobby rich eastern prep school / boarding school kids, conservative, partiers, heavy drinkers, do coke


that they are stuck up and spoiled.


Trinity as an whole is thought of as a racistic, misogynistic student body filled with preppy rich kids who were too dumb to get into Harvard or Yale.


Everyone dresses in CK Bradley and J crew. Everyone is from just outside Boston.


Trinity students are stereotyped as well-dressed, rich, white students. The school is stereotyped as a conservative rich school.


That the traditional student is snotty or stuck-up. I hear that IDP student's are looked down upon.


-rich white kids from new england prep schools -party school with lots of cocaine


Big drinking school, many students paid there way to get into college rather than earned it.


list one:Preppy, Wealthy, Heavy Drinkers (Party as hard as we study), and Coke heads list two: Selfish, don't care about others, don't care about international affairs


Very preppy, frequently very affluent. Trinity students work hard during the week, and play hard on the weekends.


They are all preppy, rich kids. Drugs run rampant through the campus. Hartford is a dangerous, abandoned city and attending college in such a city is not safe.


Trinity students are stereotyped as being rich, snobby, preppy kids from New England. Trinity is stereotyped as being a party school with a work hard, play harder mentality.


The first stereotype about Trinity students that comes to mind is the campus is occupied only by white, wealthy and very good looking individuals. Another huge stereotype about the students is that there is a large amount of drinking, drug use and partying that goes on around campus.


That all the kids are from the Northeast, are white, rich and snobby. They drive fancy-ass cars that Daddy bought them for Christmas and are not committed to school. Rather, they just want to get drunk and do drugs.


Rich, white, preppy, clique-heavy and snobby.


I would say that the biggest stereotype about Trinity students is that everyone is extremely preppy.


A couple of stereos that i have come into contact with regarding Trinity students is that basically, everyone is very well off, in terms of money, and everyone is good-looking and along with this, comes the idea that trinity students have no appreciation for what they have and take it for granted.


work hard, play harder


Unfortunately, I think that many people view Trinity as a wealthy, elitist school with snobby students. Stereotypically, Trinity students are white and from a prep-school background.


Everyone who goes here is wealthy and conservative and judgemental


trinity is a preppy school


snobby, all wealthy, all good-looking


white preppy rich kids who like to party


I think people think Trinity is the party school of the NESCAC and that the students are rich slackers


The main steroteypes about Trinity are that it is a bunch of white, preppy, waspy, upper class, spoiled students who like to party a lot.


Some stereotypes are that Trinity is a campus full of wealthy, stuck-up, conservative, ultra preppy students who come to Trinity to party and study hard.


everyone thinks that all trinity students are preppy and rich


That there is little diversity on campus, that it is an affluent, beautiful, "preppy" white majority on campus. It is known as a party school, in which cocaine is popular.


The stereotypes of Trinity and its students seem to be pretty obvious. Coming from the west coast and a not particularly preppy school, I think the stereotypes were exaggerated. The first one I heard about Trinity was actually how cute the boys were. Every time I brought up the fact that I was going to Trinity, people would tell me that they had some of the best looking guys. I also heard that everyone dressed the same which proves true most of the time. I heard that Trinity was almost an extension of the boarding schools that students attended in high school as well and that it was hard to break into the groups of people that were already friends from high school.


preppy, rich, like to party


Preppy Work hard play hard Trust fund babies Rich kids that weren't smart enough for Ivy league


That Trinity is full of beautiful rich "waspy" kids from boarding-school who spend their parent's money. No diversity. Lots of coke.

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