Trinity College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


the best thing about trinity is that everyone who goes here is obsessed with it... we all have trin bumper stickers on our cars, and never want to leave. the professors care so much about each student, and the social life is pretty amazing as well. people are jealous when i tell them about my life at trinity. we dont have a college town because we are in the middle of hartford, but west hartford is close which is a nice town, but people love staying right on campus.


The best thing about Trinity are by far the classes. The thing I would like to change the most is the apathetic nature of the students. Most students do not seem to care about issues unless they involve the greek organizations or cable TV. I work in the community service office, and while Trintiy does do a great deal of community service, the programs are given very little attention by the administration and the groups are made up of a core of the same hundred students. Size wise, Trinity is just right. Most people I talk to have never heard of Trinity. I spend most of my time on campus at the library or at the Fred. Trinity is known for having very poor college/city relations, however if one can manage to pull themselves out of the Trinity bubble, Harford has a lot of really neat things to experience. Trinity is located in a very ethinic part of the city and the restuarants are great; the parks are beautiful; and the downtown area does have a lot to offer. I find that the adminsitration really seems to be somewhat financially focused. The biggest thing that has happened while I have been at Trinity was during my first semester Freshman year, when a student wrote 'nigger' on a fellow students door. This prompted a huge forum and many discussions on the huge problems of racism at Trinity as well as problems with homophobia, chauvenism, and the general exclusivity of fraternities on campus. Generally, most students ahve a lot of school pride. One experience I'll always remember is pitching a tent on the quad outside of the science building with my friends in the middle of the night. Most frequent studnet complaints are that the food is bad and that there are very few social options outside of the fraternities.


The best thing about Trinity is the academics and the opportunities for students that don't fit into the typical trinity social scene to create some change and be voices on campus. the size of trinity is just right, I feel. When i tell people i go to trinity, they assume i am rich and Anglo. I spend most of my time in the Underground coffeehouse and off campus housing. Hartford is an underappreciated city that i love living in. there is diversity, wonderful restaurants, and issues of poverty and racism that trinity students must address. We have had some issues on campus dealing with racism and sexism and homophobia. These are the complaints i hear most on campus.


The best thing about Trinity is its size because this feature permeates every facet of the Trinity education by endowing students with small class sizes, professor accessibility, an intimate social environment, a beautiful and manageable campus and easy access to countless extracurricular and academic opportunities. One thing that I'd change about Trinity is that I think it would benefit from having one common place where students can hang out and advertise campus events and organizations and promote causes, etc. At the present time, Mather Hall is as communal a space as there, and consequently, I think the campus events that do exist suffer a bit from this lack of publicity. One of the best things about Trinity is the reaction that the school's very mention garners in others. I have found that the school has a very strong identity and a remarkable reputation for turning out successful alumni with a particular knack for the business, financial and commercial industries, however, alumni also hold prominent positions in politics and government, entertainment, medicine, among countless other professions. There certainly is a great deal of school pride at Trinity, and individuals carry that pride with them years after they take their last walk down the beautiful long walk or spend a final afternoon on the expansive main quad, so alumni often seek to hire fellow Trinity grads and most students can at least attest to the fantastic networking opportunities available through Trinity connections.

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