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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


*Do not get discouraged. *Life happens. Adjust or shift accordingly. *You are not perfect. *Studying is not as easy as it looks. *Get to know your classmates and professors. They may be your future employers/employees. *Stay focused. Do not let relationships override your priorities. *It takes more work when you procrastinate. Pace yourself. *People make mistakes. They are human, it is inevitable. Forgive and learn. *Most things worthwhile do not come easy. Do the work. *You have a voice. Use it. *In everything, do it with love. *Bills are real and do not go away until they are paid. Pay them... ON TIME. *Come early. Stay late. You never know where or when you can make a difference. *Eat. *Do not let your health suffer. Things really do start getting worse as you get older. *Explore your opportunities. *Do your research! *Travel while you have no one else to account for. *It could always be worse. In everything, be thankful. *Laugh. *Know the facts. Some people simply sound good when they speak but have no substance. *They ask, "Why?" ... You respond, "Why not?" *No one will be as passionate for your cause except you. *Do not get distracted.


In your journey in life you will need some guidance with decisions that will change your existence, for this reason college education is vital. College studies are the foundations you will need to build your future upon. Find your purpose in life by looking at what you enjoy doing, such as reading, writing, or helping others. Everyone is born with natural gifts that serve as a magnet to our inner resolve, whereas a higher level of instruction can assist in the development of those gifts. Pursue your passion by turning your dreams into a reality, consequently fulfilling your lifelong goal. Do not become complacent with your first employment, which most likely pays minimum wage, rather stay focused on the mark to reach or surpass your set goal. Your education will permit opportunities to develop hence, giving you choices on which path to follow. Do not be discouraged with your current financial status, as there are several forms of financial assistance available; such as scholarships, loans, and even grants. Pursue your dream, remain focused and do not lose sight of the objective. Fulfil your life’s purpose, and leave a legacy of accomplishment to be imitated by the ones you loved.


If I could go back in time to my senior year in high school to give myself advice about college, I would urge myself not to wait to start college. I was not the most dedicated high school student. I was still very immature and did not know how important and valuable my education really was. I would tell myself not to be afraid, and to prioritize responsibly, although, I'm sure others had told me these things when I was a senior in high school. I would believe it more or take it more seriously coming from myself ofcourse. I would urge myself to stay away from the parties and other distractions as they will not make the education process any better, they will only complicate the process. I would tell myself that aside from my faith and the family that I will have, God has gifted me the opportunity to live where I do and get a good education, and that if I wait to pursue the opportunity, I will still get my college education, it will just be much more difficult, and I will have wished I didn't wait.


I believe that learning is a life-long venture; opportunities present themselves daily as new experiences, relationships, and institutional education test the limits of current knowledge and convictions. I personally love the challenge that presents itself in learning something, anything, new. It is through learning that one realizes the vastness of the universe that surrounds them, both physically and relationally. It is through learning that one develops reason for their convictions or the knowledge to mold them otherwise. Finally, it is through learning that one earns the right to project their voice in this world because an uneducated word is worse than no word at all. In fact, it is for this reason that my primary major is elementary education. I wish to educate children to be independent, wise thinkers at times when they are prime targets for confusion and self-doubt. In this way, they might learn to tune the noise of the world into an instrument of self-improvement. This, in fact, this is what college has done for me: turned a timid girl into a confident thinker -- one who is quick to listen, slow to speak, and confident to give an answer.


I have got alot out of my high school an college experience. One by learning about life an how to copw with everday tasks an also it has been rewarding to be at school. One way it has been rewarding is by goin to school i have gained alot of knowledge an learned alot of new ideas. This scholorship would be very benificial to me because my parents make little money an i need a mean of money to get through school. thank you for taking your time to read my response .


Just to have the opportunity to grow, learn and open the horizon to a new career, is worth taking the plunge in to college. The best part is to know that I am doing what my Lord has as part of my destiny.


For me it was a life long dream come true to complete my education and give back to my community. I volunteer at a local crisis center for run away teens and homeless teens who are struggling with substance abuse issues along with gender identity and a host of other problems. My education has given me the academic skills to accept people that are different from me that need help without being judgemental. It has created a thirst in me to continue on and get my master's in psychology and mental health. And despite my disability I can make a difference in someone's life for the overall good of society starting in my community. My education has helped me to express my opinion in writing in a comprehensive and intelligent manner that I was sorely lacking. And despite all the setbacks in my life I think of my father and mother who where married for fifty-five years and only had a six grade education and had to quit school to go work in the tobacco fields in South Carolina. And even though he is dead and gone I still hear is voice saying "get a education son".

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