Tufts University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Tufts was a greedy, nasty place rampant with favoritism.


Nerdy, Uptight, Too Serious


That we have a lot of international students, are all nerds and don't know how to party / have a good time, and that our sports teams are garbage. Oh, and that it is a saftey school for the kids that didn't get into an Ivy league school.


Brainy and not socially with it


Tufts students are nerdy, liberal Jewish/Asian kids who didn't get into Ivy League schools, and the major extracurricular activity at the school is to whine that you had to settle for the lesser education of Tufts.


An old stereotype that pops up sometimes is that Tufts is home to bitter Ivy League rejects. Others I've heard are that Tufts students are rich, and that we're home to smart, but laid-back/noncompetitive students.


white, privileged, sheltered, affluent, over achievers, idealistic, opinionated, friendly, loud, outgoing, busy, ambitious


Full of JAPS, all disappointed that they couldn't get into Harvard, rich, from NY or NJ. International kids are slutty, party a lot, smoke a lot, are pretentious and wont associate with anyone but themselves.


I read somewhere that a former TUFTS student that transferred said that we were a bunch of hyper-competitive embittered ivy league rejects...I thought that was funny and sort of true.


A very common stereotype about Tufts is that its a school for Ivy-league rejects. Many people assume that Tufts students are smart enough to get into Ivy league schools but are too lazy. Another stereotype is that all students at Tufts are rich and stuck up. Tufts students have a tendency to think they are better than most.


I think the major stereotype about Tufts students is that we are all bitter, pretentious Ivy-League rejects. We are known to be very liberal. Additionally, I've also heard stereotypes that Tufts girls are unattractive, Tufts guys are all nerds, and that a lot of the students are very affluent and have no concept of the value of money.


-kids who did not get into their first choice ivy league college, and are slightly bitter about it -very politically and globally aware students


Jewish, rich, well-traveled, idealistic


I dont know of any really. Very international, lots of MA students, party hard, study hard.


Tufts students are stereotypically smart, but not the absolute smartest (sometimes bitter) and wealthy.


lots of people think every tufts student is an IR major (close to the truth.. we have lots). but really, not true. i'm not. so there. as far as the school itself, people probably think we're all wishing we were at an ivy league school (not true.. i applied ED)


Predominantly Jewish? I have no idea, I really didn't check Tufts out too closely. There might be a stereotype that since we're New Ivy, we have some notion to "prove ourselves" or are somehow less than regular ivy schools.


Unhappy Ivy-league rejects/wannabes or smart slackers.


The stereotypes are that we're bitter Ivy League rejects at their loathsome safety; I've also heard that many people are under the impression that Tufts is as much a Jewish haven as Brandeis. The Princeton Review writes that most of us are North-face, Ugg-wearing preps with no socioeconomic diversity.


In the past, I know that Tufts has been characterized as a back-up school for wealthy East Coast prep school kids who don't get into the Ivies they were shooting for. However, I think that recently Tufts has been able to forge its own identity as a legitimately sound option for a top-notch education.

Alex "The Pendulum"

Tufts students are rich.


To be completely honest, I don't find that there is one stereotype of the typical Tufts student. If I had to think about an overall idea of what embodies a Tufts student, I would say a student who is down-to-earth, intelligent, interesting and well-rounded. People at Tufts are very smart but, at the same, time extremely balanced. Students don't come to Tufts solely for the academics; most of us are here because of the welcoming, fun nature of the student body. A general feeling of the student body is that it is very liberal and there isn't much variation in socioeconomic background. One stereotype often heard is that Tufts students suffer from "Ivy envy" and that many are at Tufts because they could not get into Harvard or Yale. Having met many people, however, I have seen that this stereotype is completely inaccurate.


The existing stereotype that Tufts students are all rich, white, preppy and Jewish is completely unfounded. Also, I think people perceive Tufts as comprised of students who did not receive acceptances from Ivy League colleges.




Tufts is said to be boring with little social life. About students, that there are many international students.


Very Liberal in every sense, from politics to sex preferences, Generally studious and good students with strong academic performances.


Tufts is known to be nerdy, very liberal, and to have "ugly" students.


They came to Tufts because they did not get into Harvard


Tufts kids are either nerdy, Jewish, or nerdy and Jewish


Diverse student body with a desire to change the world


The girls are ugly and the guys are attractive. Most people are big dorks.


The social scene could be better, we take ourselves way to seriously because everyone wants to save the world and everyone in it, and that Tufts is harder than many Ivies because they're all sitting on their laurels while we continue to battle in the almost-ivy ring for notoriety.


According to populist lore, Tufts is populated entirely by Harvard rejects.


The biggest stereotype is that Tufts is the school for reject-Ivy kids


That Tufts is all Jewish and composed of mostly wealthy spoiled kids like most of the NESCAC schools.


The kids have a chip on their shoulder from not getting into Ivy League no school spirit (it has spurts)


Tufts is a "new ivy" school.


Many people think that Tufts is where all the kids who didn't get into Ivy League schools go.


rich pampered Ugg-boot-wearing kids, and JAPs (sometimes the two definitely intersect)


I think a lot of people think that Tufts is full of liberal hippies who sit around all day smoking pot. We've also been labeled as a school for "bitter ivy-league rejects."


They don't party, they are nerds, the girls are not good looking.


that everyone who is there is and ivy league reject and that nobody is happy


Tufts students are weird, extremely liberal and eccentric.


Ivy League rejects


Some of the very first stereotypes I heard about Tufts was the lack of athletic spirit and the lack of parties. I was told that the most popular haven to go on a Friday night would be the library, and students had absolutely no social lives. I also heard about the ultra-preppy and rich lifestyle that most Tufts students lead, and that I should definitely expect a healthy dose of Chanel and Prada while I walk to class.


They love to get naked. The food is really good


That Tufts students are all rich white kids


Well, a lot of people think Tufts students get drunk a lot. Work hard, party hard. Tufts student make fun of Tufts for the lack of a social scene, but that's ironic because it's their own fault.


all the students don't have fun


Preppy, indie, all white, spoiled international kids

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