Union County College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


You can't be as lazy as you were in high school. College is much more intense than high school, and you must do your homework in order to fully understand the material that is taught. You can't survive on your test scores alone, because that doesn't actually teach you anything.


I would tell myself to start at Union County College instead of wasting a year at Rutgers. Your high school did not prepare you enough for college and there's nothing wrong with starting at the community level first. The workload is easy and has a very friendly open environment. Study game design instead of engineering because studying what you love is better than taking a career path solely for a fat paycheck. You will be a lot happier. When registering online for classes, always do it the minute regisration opens as classes get filled quickly. This is specialy true for specialize classes are limited with limited spaces. Don't concern yourself with hooking up with girls as school is more important plus dating is expensive. However, if you want to meet girls, join a bunch of academic clubs and honor societies. Socialize a lot with everyone you meet, that is called networking. You never know when they can help out with a job opporunity. Find a job while studying so you can pay for school easier. Also, go beyond the classroom and study on your own time. A lot of skills are learned outside the classroom.


The best advice I would give my self is to start making preparation to start college right after high school. I would attend auniversity, and tries to get the best education,while i am younger. I would advice my self to get education, instead of getting a job. I would have advice my self that education, is the key to sukcess. When i educate my self people would respect me include my famillies. I should be honorade by my parent ,if i choose to get my education. The other advice is a good education,will last me for the rest of my life. I would have a chance for a better job. The people around me ,would not look down on me ,to say she is nothing. She does not have any education,she is just a emty barrel. She don't have a feuture, she have to work two or three dead end job to live off. I would be a role model for my feuture children,children in most case tend to follow the parent foot step. I have to educate my, i deservet to go to college like any other child . insted of working full time job .


visit the school before you commit to it durning the semester.